Muse by beingTrue

Courtesy of beingTrue

A dear friend of mine created this beautiful color – it’s no surprise beingtrue cosmetics pioneered the way to coin a  term we associate with makeup today - double duty beauty. 
Muse by beingTrue was inspired by the desire to create the perfect shade of Red – a shade that is Perfectly neutral / balanced between a blue/red and orange-red. Deeper in tone (added a touch of black pigment to cut brightness), rich in texture and delivers full coverage.
Created for women with brunette to raven locks or medium to deep skin tones. This can be worn by any skin-tone from a cool to warm undertone.
The formula is formulated with a protective cocktail of antioxidant rich Vitamin E, Japanese Green & White Teas.  Sunflower seed oil helps to seal the lipid barrier hydrating the lips. Lotus 
Flower extract is used for its soothing benefits and an exotic orchide extract for its healing / nourishing benefits.
I’m especially proud of this lipstick shade, not because I receive compliments every time I wear it, but because my dear friend Alphonse inspired Muse and inspires me to stay True.
Muse by beingTrue is double duty beauty and is Citygirl approved!

Waking up with luminous skin w/ beingTrue

Courtesy of beingTrue

Night Light by beingTrue is beauty sleep redefined, I’ve tested this unique three-step night treatment for the past 3 weeks and I can see a difference in the overall tone and clarity of my skin.
Idedenone is a super antioxidant that stops the signs of aging in its tracks, by fighting free radicals and harmful environmental factors that prove harmful to our skin.
I love that my skin renews itself while I’m sleeping, I wake up with radiant clearer skin.
Night Light is a three-step system:
1. Anti-aging advanced treatment cleanser – washes away the traces of time, fatigue and stress caused by environmental aggressions beyond our control.
2. Essential Soothing Tonic – Helps prepare the skin for further treatment, it’s also super hydration as it helps retain moisture. 3. Anti-aging – radiance revealing complex, evens out our skin tone, repairs and corrects sun damage and hyperpigmentation scars.  All three products are enriched with Idedenone, so go ahead and renew your skin.
Three step Night Light System $89
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San Francisco, Ca 94123


Enhancing Color & Dimension with beingTrue Cosmetics

Courtesy of beingTrue Cosmetics

These amazing eye shadows by beingTrue cosmetics are triple-milled, and come in 23 modern shades. The textures come in matte, natural and shimmer.

I normally don’t wear eye shadow but I fell in love with African Violet and Dahlia.  Two gorgeous shades of purple, just in time for fall.

These eye shadows are created with oil-free binders that help prevent shadow creasing – for long-lasting eye color that last’s all day.

I love having gorgeous, modern eyes with ultra color and dimension, don’t you?  These great eye shadow pans are sold individually without a compact.

beingTrue Cosmetics gets a TEN!

Spa Radiance

3011 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94123


*$16 each pan, $5 each pan compact

Having a Glamorous Holiday w/ beingTrue

Courtesy of beingTrue Cosmetics

I immediatly moved into this little makeup bag, and instantly fell in love with the makeup!  All the pieces are ultra wearable and glamorous!  Usually makeup kits come with assorted unwearable colors – but not beingTrue’s New Holiday Kit.
1. Signature lime green makeup bag – that holds all of your makeup goodies
2. Cream Blush in Tender Pink - for an all-natural radiant glow that comes from within.
3. Hy-Performance Mascara - for ultimate seperation, depth and luxurious lashes
4. Eye Shadow in MYRRH - a perfect color for day or night!
5. Dual Eyeliner – for definition and drama – plus a bit of sparkle with the sheer reflective shade.
6.  Satin Lip Shine in Transcendent – the perfect touch of glamour that can be layered with your favorite lipstick or worn alone. 7. Cream Blush Brush – designed to hug the cheek and add that touch of color,  created specifically for cream blush application.
All of these pieces can be worn alone or together, for that pretty daytime look or Magical Holiday evening. 
Being Beautiful  with beingTrue cosmetics has never been so glamorous – beingTrue gets a TEN!
Spa Radiance
3011 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, Ca 94123

Alluring in a Sheer Wash of Irresistible Color

Courtesy of BeingTrue Cosmetics

Wearing Sheer Lip Shine in Alluring by beingtrue reminded me of my summer vacations.  As a girl I remember eating cherry red popsicles with my sister Wendy and her friends – Donna, Sherry and Minnie.  We spent endless hours swimming at the pool, eating popsicle after popsicle.

Alluring is an irresistible sheer wash of color, a gorgeous shade of Red.  The perfect texture of Red for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Sheer Lip Shine by beingTrue Cosmetics is enriched with the perfect combination of  peppermint oil and antioxidants for that special tender love and care.

For that irrestitable wash of sheer color, Sheer Lip Shine by beingTrue gets a TEN!


Available in 6 beautiful shades

The Color Purple is Provocative by BeingTrue Cosmetics

Courtesy of BeingTrue Cosmetics

After my conversation with my friend Joseph I went in search of the color purple.  I found this gorgeous color by beingTrue Cosmetics. This  shade of purple left me breathless, I’m really a Red Lipstick sorta gal, but I’ve been known to play with color on occasion.  I loved how the color enhanced my natural features without being too much.  The luxurious satin finish glided on smoothly creating outrageous depth and dimension.  The peppermint scent reminded me of the peppermint patties of my childhood while the Satin Lip color itself reminded me of the sophisticatation of the color Purple.

Satin Lip Shine by beingTrue Cosmetics gets a TEN!

Available in 17 Luxurious shades. $22

Spa Radiance
3011 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, Ca 94123

A lip defining moment with Beingtrue cosmetics

Beingtrue cosmetics took a modern approach to a lip defining moment, lip pencils are enriched with Vitamin C & E  and Jojoba oil for extra hydration.

My lipstick and lip gloss moments were feather free and long lasting.

Available in ten gorgeous shades for that smooth and silky pout that lasts all day.

Shaping and shading has never been so easy, isn’t it time you had a lip defining moment?

Beingtrue Cosmetics get a TEN!


Spa Radiance

3011 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94123


Pure Creamy Lip Color with BeingTrue Cosmetics

I Loved the pure creamy texture, my lips were soft and kissable.

Pure Lip Color by BeingTrue Cosmetics is enriched with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Green Tea.  My lips were hydrated, moisturized, soothed and protected all day.

Pure Lip Color by BeingTrue helps diminish fine lines, and comes in 7 rich gorgeous shades.

For that creamy full coverage, Pure Lip Color gets a TEN!


Spa Radiance

3011 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94123


beingTrue to your skin

I love this Protective Mineral Foundation Powder by beingTrue Cosmetics.  It not only gave me a gorgeous and luminous appearance but it also gave me amazing coverage.

I especially get excited when I find a beauty product that can perform double duty.

beingTrue Cosmetics provides women from all age groups with modern, long-wearing pigments that are combined with anti-inflammatorie benefits.

I still suffer from adult acne and need beauty products that give me not only  flawless coverage but that are also good for my skin.

I had to pry my little hands loose of this amazing Mineral Foundation, the luminous canvas it left behind maintained itself through out a stressful day at the office and drinks after work.

Glowing from within has never been so easy, so go ahead and protect your skin with Protective Mineral Foundation Powder by beingTrue Cosmetics – it gets a TEN!


Bringing out your inner glow

I fell in love with these sheer gorgeous colors, the triple-milled powder enhanced my skin with natural  color.

Plus it provided my  skin with an oil absorbent and antioxidant protection that lasted all day.  The real-life shades compliment all skin tones and are available in 6 gorgeous colors.

The silky texture allowed for easy blendabilty and soft shadows, I love glowing from within.

beingTrue to your skin allows you to bring out your inner glow.  I love getting ready in the mornings and looking soft, pretty and natural.


beingTrue gets a TEN!

Refills are sold seperatly or in these beautiful green laquered cases.