I must, I must increase my Bust w/ Talika

Courtesy of Talika

I’ve never had a problem with my bust size, although I do have issues with gravity.  Talika’s Bust Serum is the first product of its kind that has been clinically proven to increase the bust size by giving the breasts increased firmness of 70% and a non-surgical breast lift of 18%. 
You will experience one cup size in 6 weeks! 
*Breast lift: +18%
The breasts are attached to the thorax by ligaments (Cooper’s ligaments). With absolutely no muscle, their only support is the skin. Volume and weight variations erode skin elasticity, triggering a loss in curve and sagging.Thanks to the extract of kigelia africana , Bust Serum prevents the tissue from sagging and improves bust firmness and appearance. Clinical trials have shown +18% in breast lift.*

*Firmness: + 70%
The combination of kigelia africana, mukul bark extract, oat extract, peptides, raspberry seed oil from Chile and hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin’s binding and hence tonicity, thereby tangibly improving its elasticity by 70%. Your breasts will be better maintained and developed as result.*

I apply this magical potion every morning after my shower, the serum absorbs easily into the skin, creating an invisible bra effect, because the size and quality of our breasts is important.  There is such a thing as bad cleavage.  Talika Bust Serum, an alternative to breast implants.

Bust Serum by Talika is Citygirl approved!


Talika Lipocils is available at Sephora


Beauty Travel – on the Go with Talika

Courtesy of Talika

Being at home getting ready takes me longer then 5 minutes, while traveling I try to get out of my hotel room in less than 5.
I attribute it to the fact that I just want to get out there and see the world! Preparing for a trip takes thought and preparation with my toiletries.  Everyone laughs because I travel with more skincare and makeup than clothes.
My makeup routine is also more minimal, and recently I discovered Talika - I love all Talika products especially this adorable mini eyelash curler. 
It makes for the perfect travel companion, since I’ve used Lipocils my eye lashes are longer and thicker, soon I won’t need mascara. 
I pack all my skincare and makeup in the regulated size ziplock bags and Talika’s mini eye lash curler hardly takes up any room.  It’s easy to use and works beautifully!

Instant Beauty by Talika

Courtesy of Talika

Instant Beauty by Talika keeps the skin hydrated while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Instantly I noticed that my skin texture was tighter and smoother, my pores were minimized and my skin felt fresh and energized.
The instant facelift effect was instant beauty – the essential ingredients give the skin a luminous and radiant glow that comes from within. 
After a stressful day at the office, with the holidays and dealing with personal relationships it was a luxury to erase the signs of fatigue from my skin – isn’t it time you refreshed and energized your skin?


Talika Lipocils is available at Sephora

Intensify your lashes with Talika

Courtesy of Talika

I became intrigued with the idea of Talika’s heated  eye lash curler.  I was sceptical at first, believing that if I didn’t follow directions I would surely burn my lashes.  Not a chance, the controlled temperature made this beauty device easy to achieve gorgeous more dense lashes. 

I’m in love with this amazing beauty tool, it’s safe, gently and effective.  I couldn’t stop starring at my lashes.

Sometimes no matter how effective mascara or lash enhancing products are you can’t quite achieve the lashes of your dreams.  I can honestly say that Talika’s Heated Eye lash curler was the icing on the cake.

All these months of testing so many amazing eyelash enhancing products prepared me for this moment, this heated eye lash curler was the missing piece to the puzzle.

Intensify your lashes with Talika for more dense and lush lashes.

Heated Eye Lash Curler by Talika gets a TEN!


Glamorous & Natural Lashes w/ Talika

Courtesy of Talika

I’ve always been fascinated by false eyelashes, but I could never stand wearing them for long periods of time.
I didn’t believe my lashes could get  more beautiful, having been testing lash enhancers, heated eyelash curlers for months – well now there is help for those of us who don’t believe in eyelash enhancers or heated eyelash curlers.
One of my favorite brands created an amazing Lash Extender, the rayon fibers adhered to my lashes between two coats of my favorite mascara.  My lashes were stunning, natural with a glamorous effect. 
Talika is one of the best companies you can trust your lashes too!  The undetectable results will leave you breathless, you achieve instant, long-lasting results that last all day.
I love having glamorous, lush and natural looking lashes, and just in time for New Year’s Eve!

Holiday gift ideas w/ Talika

Courtesy of Talika

Two of my favorite Talika pieces together in a kit in time for the Holidays.
I love that my lashes grew in 28 days – and that I can give myself the appearance of wearing false eyelashes with the light-as-air feeling.
This eyelash renewal kit helps achieve more gorgeous and dense lashes in 4 weeks! 
The lash extender gives an immediate boost of glamour and helps your lashes reach their full potential, just apply in-between two coats of your favorite mascara and presto! Longer, thicker and glamourous lashes.
Lipocils eyelash conditioner conditions your lashes and stimulates growth – Talika Lipocils was originally created for burned victims who had few or no lashes.
I would love this fabulous Eyelash Renewal kit, wouldn’t you
Availabe at Sephora

Talika for the Holidays

Courtesy of Talika

My favorite eye care products are by Talika.  There are several packaged gifts that pack a powerful punch. 
I love the heated eyelash curler, Lipocils and everything else I’ve tried. 
Here we have the Skintelligence Daily Care kit - Talika skincare products were originally created for burned victims – and I love having healthy, clear and luminous skin.
In this kit:
Clever Cleanser - Purifys and leaves skin with a healthy glow
Balancing Lotion - hydrates and prepares the skin for further treatment.
Neoroactivator – an Ultra rich moisturizer that leaves your skin nourished and hydrated from within.
There are amazing kits by Talika this holiday season, so go ahead and indulge with the gift of healthy, clear and radiant skin.
Lipocils by Talika is available at Sephora

Repairing and Calming the skin w/ Talika

Courtesy of Talika

I love this magical Vital Oil by Talika - it’s an intensive  100% plant-based concentrate for severe  dry skin.
I test skincare on a weekly basis and sometimes I need extra hydration, I tend to get excited when testing new skincare products and over do it from time to time.
Vital Oil aids in the fight against wrinkles, regulates sebum for a clearer complextion.  It moisturizes without clogging your pores, softens, detoxes and stimulates your skin.
I love that my skin stays clearer, brighter and softer for weeks, months at a time.
The Vital Oil absorbed easily into my skin, the aromatic properties soothed and calmed my skin and helped me relax from a long day at the office.
Vital Oil by Talika gets a TEN!

Gorgeous Eyebrows Naturally with Talika eyebrow lipocils

This was the only eyebrow product I brought along with me on my Summer Vacation in Maui.  I applied it twice a day, morning and night.

My eyebrows became thicker, longer and healthier looking by the end of the week.

Originally Lipocil products were created for burned victims, who had very little eyebrows or none at all.  If you’re like me and over tweeze then your going to love eyebrow lipocils by Talika.

Eyebrow Lipocils by Talika is the only eyebrow enhancer that can claim it promotes eyebrow growth, results vary depending on each person.

eyebrow lipocils by Talika gets a TEN!