~ Rouge Coco ~

True Red - Gabrielle

A French woman knows that a lipstick wardrobe is not complete without RED – as a little girl I idolized Diana Vreeland, the Duchess of Windsor and Coco Chanel.  They were not only stylish and fashionable, they wore red lipstick.  I wore the same shade of red lipstick during my twenties – True Red by Estee Lauder, until it was discontinued.

I had yet to find a red I’m loyal to – until now, This February Chanel unveiled a  hydrating creme lip colour, and  it’s available in 30 shades. Trying on the different shades of red lipstick I felt like a kid in a candy store, so many beautiful colours.

Speaking with Melissa the Chanel Rep I learned there were 5 popular colours of red lipstick, and a shade for every skin tone.

Paris – Blue red

Cambon – Bright red

Vendome – Orange red

Rivoli– Berry red

Gabrielle – True red

I fell in love with Gabrielle, and paired it with lip pencil #24 –  My lips  stayed hydrated and the colour lasted through out lunch time.

Some Key Facts about Rouge Coco:

Plant based – delivers long-lasting color and shine

Provides full coverage – available in matte or pearl to soft shimmer

Creamy light weight texture – softens and conditions lips – creating plumper, smoother and a healthier appearance.

I kept looking in the mirror, pleased with the effect of radiance a good red can deliver.

Rouge Coco gets a TEN!


Chanel Cosmetics sold at Neiman Marcus, Saks, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales and the Chanel Boutique in San Francisco.

Deeeeeep Conditioner

3 minute miracle

With this new economy I’ve had to budget myself – having dry and frizzy hair  forces me to use a hair mask on a daily basis and using Kerastase everyday can get expensive.  I discovered a hair conditioner that received great reviews in Allure magazine a few months ago.        

 Aussie’s 3 minute miracle, it comes in two formulas: Moist and Sydney Smooth.
I alternate using them and love them, they are cost effective and do the job they claim to do – my hair is left soft and silky smooth.  My sisters and I now buy aussie 3 minute miracle in bulk. 
This hair mask gets a TEN!
 Aussie hair products can be found at Walgreens and Target.
 $ 3.24 for an 8oz bottle – what a bargain!

~ Innovating beauty Products ~

By Fresh


My sister Rosemary and I share our indulgence for Fresh products – especially their hand milled soaps.  They foam to a frothy lather, leaving your skin smooth, silky and soft.  One of our favorites is their Nectarine soap – made with shea butter and milk protein.     

It’s hard to have a favorite – there are 15 collections that include both hair care and skin care. Fresh products are indulgent and effective –      

Love Love Love the Sugar Acai and Sugar Blossom – the Sugar Acai has been clinically proven to tone and firm the skin in 4 weeks!  I love anything that holds the promise of firming and toning – my only regret is not having started that process years ago.  It’s never too late –     

another product I fell in love with is the Sugar body oil – leaves your skin soft and it smells yummy.     

Soaps $13 – $14     

shower gels $18.50 – $22.50     

lotions/creams $65     

scrubs $45     

Body oil $45     



310 Sutter street     

San Francisco, CA 94102     



Fresh products also available at Neiman Marcus, Barney’s NY, Bloomingdales

~ Lash Boosting Serum ~

L'OREAL Double Extend Mascara


For months I’ve been reading press about this new mascara.  I’m going to admit I’m a makeup snob, especially when it concerns lipstick and mascara.  I tried Great Lash  and was not thrilled with the results.
I was skeptical – but after reading the article “5 beauty breakthroughs” in MORE magazine I allowed myself to be convinced and gave it a try.
Double Extend mascara glided on my lashes, giving me a natural full lash effect.
I was pleased with the results, although it’s fine for everyday – I plan on using it with my Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils, especially on date night.
This mascara gets a TEN!
Double Extend Mascara $13.95


Studio Secrets


 I’ve been reading about Loreal’s new studio secrets line for the past month or so and grew disappointed each time I walked into Walgreens and didn’t find it sitting on the shelf.  Visiting my parent’s this past weekend I looked through the new Vogue magazine and noticed a $2 dollar coupon and sample for this magical base I’ve been dying to try. This morning  I sampled the product  and ran to Walgreens –        

I immediately saw the difference in my skin’s appearance, it smoothed my facial lines and minimized my pours.  Lately my skin care concerns have turned more to skin resurfacing – this product really helped create a smoother foundation.  They are right – it is a studio secret and I’m glad I’m looped in.  


Studio secrets magic perfecting base – Get’s a TEN!

~ A New Beauty Magazine ~

I don’t subscribe to every fashion magazine, because sometimes it’s just a treat to pick one up the next time I’m standing in line at the grocery store. 

Wandering around I noticed a new magazine, it was for women of style and substance, what caught my attention was an article on Jennifer Aniston’s Fab look for weekends – having been a fan of hers since the 1990’s I  purchased the magazine. 

Walking home I remembered that I met Jennifer right as her career was taking off – I have been on Team Aniston since and have always admired her choices in clothing and makeup.  She’s on my top ten list of the most fashionable women in the world.  I enjoyed reading the article and looking at the pictures for inspiration. 

MORE magazine also has a section dedicated to women’s health – a must read.

L’OREAL – Paris

Visiting my parents in Tracy, CA is a visit to suburbia and worth the trip, my older sister Wendy is a magazine junkie and subscribes to everything.  I race up the stairs in search of the magazines I don’t subscribe to and go through them at a leisurely pace.  Bonding with my sister began with a copy of Mademoiselle magazine and ice tea. I still remember the afternoon she came home with it – we poured over the magazine, hopeful.

Since then its been out of circulation – but there our other magazines that help fill it’s void.

Going through the issue of Lucky I read about  Loreal’s New Healthy Look – I couldn’t wait to try it and immediately took a trip to Walgreens.  The economy today forces us to cut back on certain expenses and having my hair touched up every six weeks can get expensive.

I tried different brands of do it yourself hair dye applications and the one I was using before was Loreal’s root touch up, which I loved!  However after having tried New Healthy Look I can honestly say my hair  looks more natural, and glossy!!  This product gets a TEN!

www.loreal.com sign up to receive coupons and beauty consultations.


~ Mouhannad Al-majdalani DDS ~

As a child I hated going to the dentist, as most children.  As an adult it becomes necessary, especially if a little more work is required.  I also happen to enjoy going to see my dentist, afterall he’s the one that gave me back my smile.  If you’re looking for a new dentist  or dentist I highly recommend  Dr. Al-majdalani – his finger tips feel like butterfly’s wings.  Everyone in the office is friendly and cheerful making a tedious appointment feel like a simple routine checkup. 

Center for Cosmetic dentistry

1550 Lombard street

San Francisco, CA 94123

415-921-5555 ask for Patricia

Eye Lashes – the New Breast Implants ~


Mascara that makes the grade


During my younger years I used Lancome mascara, for one it worked and two it was affordable.  I happen to be a sucker for good marketing and became a Chanel girl. 

Until  I started working for Yves Saint Laurent and discovered the holy grail of Mascara, their Faux Cils.  Being into makeup the way I am, I combined the YSL Faux Cils with the YSL Infini Curl – while one lengthens the other thickens and creates a false eyelash effect.   I received many compliments and was asked to divulge my trade secrets, which I happily did.  I read in a fashion magazine that lashes were the new breast implants – and I have to agree.  I’ve been obsessed since and have tried other brands.  I was never a big believer in eye lash curlers but I’ve reformed and now am the owner of one – I never travel without my Shu Uemura eye lash curler. 

Other mascara brands that make the grade: 

1) Smash Box, Lash DNA $9 

2) Mac, Zoom Lash $20 

3) Chanel, Exceptional and Inmitable mascara $35 

I recommend using a magnifying mirror in mascara application, it helps with attention to detail.