Lippmann Nail Collection

Ever wonder what to put on healthy nails? I did and discovered the Lippmann nail collection.  I fell in love with Sarah Smile, a nail color created by Deborah Lippmann and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Deborah Lippmann is the favorite celebrity manicurist, and she can boast about George Clooney being on her clientele list.  I would love to have George in my hands.

The Lippmann Nail Collection includes celebrity shades, a celebrity inspired collection. i.e Demi Moore, Mary J.Blige, Cher and Renee Zellweger to name a few.

There are 55 amazing shades to choose from, there’s a color for everyone.

Lippmann Nail Collection gets a TEN!

Nail tips:


Lippmann Nail Collection sold at Neiman Marcus, Barney’s New York, and Nordstroms

or visit

~ Senna Cosmetics ~


I’ve been searching for a concealer, and I’ve been unable to find one that really gave me the coverage I needed without making my skin look unnatural.  I wasn’t trying to cover acne, but hyperpigmentation.  I can’t ever leave my skin alone and am often filled with regret. 

This tiny little bottle is a miracle – it totally concealed and transformed my skin.  It covered the most stubborn imperfections, and looked completely natural.  This magical concealer is so light weight that it can’t get into wrinkles, crease or cake your skin.  It even took away the redness from my skin, a miracle! 

The formula for Totally Transforming Concealer helps alleviate puffiness and fine lines – dab sparingly, a little dab will do you!  This concealer get’s a TEN

Totally Transforming Concealer is available in 7 shades. 


Style A to ZOE

Fashion Bible

I love Rachel Zoe’s guide to fashion, it’s a guide that helps the reader develop their own personal style. I especially love all the individual sections that give you the must haves and the basics to achieving a wearable wardrobe, and the right beauty habits.

Here are Rachel’s Five glamour essentials under $50

1) Red Lipstick

2) Black eyeliner ( always with mascara)

3) Great Heels, the higher the better

4) Faux Shrug, even second-hand

5) Metallic Clutch

I can’t say I agree with all of them, but I at least have the red lipstick down.  I believe in dark denim and oversized sunglasses.

The bigger the handbag the better, although I do own a clutch.  I feel that after a certain age we women need to have our beauty and closets organized, who has time to run around in the morning – I don’t.

Embrace your body and dress for comfort.

Style from A to Zoe gets a TEN!

~ Senna Cosmetics ~

Heartbreaker Lipstick by Senna Cosmetics


I was hesitant when I saw this lipstick color, but now that I’m testing products I discovered that I was to closed-minded in my makeup choices, it was time to branch out and try new colors.  

I applied the lipstick easily, and without a lip pencil.  I sat there in front of the mirror playing with the color, each time achieving a different shade.  I especially loved how the natural light reflected from the jewel tone color of the lipstick enhancing my complexion. Plus the lipstick smelled like Tahitian Vanilla – yummy!  

Heartbreaker is a berry red, a more natural red for those of us beginning to explore the possibilities of wearing RED.     

Senna cosmetics is the brainchild of celebrity makeup artist, and Emmy award nominee Eugenia Watson.  Working in television taught Eugenia how lighting, fashion and makeup intersect.  I’ts about Beauty – Illusion – Transformation.  

Senna Cosmetics is for women who want to look younger and more beautiful but don’t have time to sit in front of the mirror.  The pigments are blendable and easy to apply.  The colors look great in artificial and natural light.  This explains why Heartbreaker looked amazing all day!   

I’m excited about trying the Mineral Mix – an advanced mineral makeup collection – but that’s another blog!  

HeartBreaker Red get’s a TEN!  

Senna lipsticks come in three formulas:  

1) Cream Glow – Vibrant Glow, Metallic Effects  

11 shades to choose from  

2) Creamy Lipstick – Full bodied Creamy Texture, Hydrating  

11 shades to choose from  

3) Sheer Lipstick  spf 15 – Glistening, Hydrating and Protective  

21 shades to choose from  


Experience the difference, transform your style –  with Senna Cosmetics.  

Senna Cosmetics sold in select locations: 1-800-537-3662  

or online

~ Youngblood ~

Limited Edition LipGloss in COY


Every City Girl knows she can’t wear red lipstick everyday, and that a complete lipstick wardrobe consists of three colors, with one of them being a lip gloss.   

I normally don’t wear lip gloss, it took me several days to figure out how I felt about Youngblood limited edition LipGloss – in COY.    

The color from the tube was deceiving, it looked like a bright coral, and instead turned out to be a beautiful shade of Nude-Pink.  The color was completely wearable and versatile for those days when red lipstick is not appropriate.   

Youngblood LipGloss is made with natural peptides that help create volume for the lips while cutting out the usual tingle and irritation of most lip treatments.   My lips didn’t feel sticky, the sheer color redefined my lips for a more kissable pout, and my lips stayed hydrated!   

YoungBlood LipGloss comes in 6 color families, with 17 colors to choose from, all gorgeous.   

Youngblood LipGloss in COY get’s a TEN!   


Wear COY for a Look-at-Me-Lips with kissable color.

~ Touche Eclat ~

Touche Eclat


I’m addicted to highlighters, and I’ve bought several but the one I keep buying over and over again is  Touch Eclat by Yves Saint Laurent.  It’s luxury with a touch of radiance. 

It’s a beautiful gold pen that lights up the delicate area around your eyes, t-zone and lips.  Taking away dark shadows and illuminating the natural contours of your face.  Touche Eclat get’s a TEN! 

It was first developed for Yves Saint Laurent for one of his many fashion shows, and since has become a beauty staple. It’s always in my makeup bag, shouldn’t it be in yours? 

Touch Eclat comes in four shades, one for every skin tone.  


available at all leading department stores

~ Mascara by RevitaLash ~

Mascara by RevitaLash


I have not been wearing makeup lately, I’ve been lazy. My sister Wendy was visiting this weekend and I decided to make an effort.  

I was skeptical about testing Mascara by RevitaLash, I suffer from eye allergies and was worried about trying a new product with new ingredients.  Not only were my lashes thicker, longer and fuller but RevitaLash did not create an allergic reaction or add to my existing one.  

I kept batting my lashes asking people what they thought of them, loving the effect.  

Mascara by RevitaLash framed my eyes, giving them what appeared to be an instant lift.  I noticed that the brush separated and defined my lashes, and Mascara by RevitaLash was clump free!   

 I’m obsessed with having beautiful lashes.   

Eye Lashes are the NEW breast implants!  

Mascara by RevitaLash get’s a TEN!!  


OBAGI – Professional-C Serum

Professional - C Serum

I couldn’t wait to try this precious serum – it was like liquid gold.  I was never a believer in antioxidants, even when I sold skin care, it was the product I didn’t think I needed.

Well, I’m a believer now.  Having tried Obagi Professional-C Serum I understand why it’s important to use an antioxidant on a daily basis.  Antioxidants offer protection against sun exposure, air pollution, and other factors.

Professional-C serum offers maximum protection against premature aging and assaults caused by the enviroment.  It neutralizes free radicals that are the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus it stimulates collagen for more resilient and firmer skin.

Professional-C serum also lightens and brightens the skin, my favorite aspect since I suffer from hyperpigmentation.

My skin was smoother, clearer and more luminous. I like the idea of glowing from the inside.

Professional-C serum comes in 4 concentrations:

20% – The highest concentration

15% – For all skin types

10% – For dry, sensitive skin

5% – For the delicate eye area

Professional-C serum has a deeper penetration level then it’s counterparts, the deeper the penetration the greater the protection.

Using Obagi professional-C serum is protecting your skin from further damage,  shouldn’t you be protecting yours?

OBAGI Professional-C Serum gets a TEN!


NEW Age Intervention prime

Face Primer

I first heard of Jan Marini skincare at a cocktail party – the woman who was sharing her beauty secrets had the most amazing skin.  Suddenly the opportunity presented itself for me to test Marini’s New Age-Intervention Prime, I agreed without hesitation.

I was an easy target for skin care products that promised to reverse the signs of aging – especially the signs caused by neglect. My skin needed interference.

Age-Intervention Prime is the first anti-aging primer that delivers an instant airbrushed effect.  I was excited to try it and afterwards couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.

My skin looked flawless, and my features were softer, I was camera ready and I wasn’t wearing makeup.  I was impressed with the immediate results, so much that later in the afternoon my friend Chris accused me of wearing makeup and I wasn’t.  I laughed, without foundation my skin looked polished and radiant-my pores and imperfections were minimized.

Jan Marini has been researching skin care for over three decades, developing new skin care technologies that deliver fast results.  Marini’s treatments are used worldwide to treat severe skin conditions such as rosacea, acne, and sun damage.  After trying New Age-Intervention Prime, I believed it.

Age-Intervention Prime’s key ingredients are a potent combination of anti-aging and anti-inflammatory technologies that with continuous use lessen the appearance of aging flaws.

The formula targets an increase in elasticity, adding skin volume and providing protection against wrinkles and inflammation.  Your skin will automatically look and feel younger, mine did.

I loved it so much I’m making my younger sister try it – I love the idea of being airbrushed, New Age-Intervention Prime gets a TEN!


For Direct Purchase:

Or Visit:

Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio

The Flood Building

870 Market Street #1188

San Francisco, CA 94102