~ A Tasty Treat for Your Lips ~

N.Y.C Cosmetics


I love a beauty bargain, and I would normally not buy lip glosses but these were such a bargain that I had to buy two.  I was intoxicated by their fragrance, they reminded me of the Dolly Madison Coconut Cakes of my childhood.    

N.Y.C cosmetics offers us the opportunity to buy cosmetics more frequently and to try new looks with minimal risk.  The colors and formulations are fashionable and wearable. Plus I like anything that reminds me of candy!  For that Liquid Lip Shine, try New York Color.  

N.Y.C Cosmetics get’s a TEN!     


available at Target

~ Ultimate Concealer ~

Ultimate Concealer


Every City Girl knows she needs duplicate items in her makeup wardrobe.  I carry one concealer in my  makeup bag and have one at home.  I’m of the school of thought that the makeup I put on in the morning comes with me on my daily journey, and in the event I forget my makeup bag I have spares at home.  

I love this Ultimate Concealer from Youngblood Cosmetics, the formula was rich and creamy.  I was able to adjust the color, starting off with light coverage and adding more to cover my recent beauty mishaps. 

My skin looked silky and natural, the light-reflecting minerals aided my skin in looking smoother and kept attention away from my flaws.  The Ultimate Concealer comes in 3 color families and 5 natural finishes. 

Ultimate Concealer by Youngblood get’s a TEN! 



Youngblood Cosmetics Available: 

Henri Bendel 

712 5th Avenue 

New York. NY 10019-4108 


~ The Power of Style ~

This is one of my favorite books of all time.  It mentions every woman I’ve ever inspired to be like.  I’ve been in love with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Coco Chanel, Diana Vreeland, Millicent Rogers, Slim Keith, Babe Paley, Gloria Guinness, C.Z Guest, Elsie De Wolf, Rita Lydig, Mona Bismarck, and the Duchess of Windsor since I can remember.

All amazing women who transformed and created the fine art of living well.  They all understood that style was not just about wearing expensive pieces, but on wearing what was best for you, it was all about the cut, the texture and elegance. Another thing they all had in common, they knew how to wear Red Lipstick.

The Power of Style gets a TEN!

Try the 5-second Makeover Tool


My favorite Magazine just went digital!  You can now view past issues online, and catch up on breakthrough beauty information.

They created a beauty tool, the 5-second makeover tool.

It’s easy, upload a picture and pick the procedures, it gives you a before and after look.  You can even email your picture to yourself and friends.

I’m not telling what procedures I had done, but I had fun playing and catching up on past issues.

New Beauty Magazine gets a TEN!!!

For Digital Editions online  www.newbeauty.com

~ Esoteric Lips ~

Lip Lacquer by Senna Cosmetics


I normally don’t wear lip gloss, but on occasion I find a gorgeous color that grabs my attention.  

Lush Lip Lacquer by Senna Cosmetics is a beautiful gold flecked berry that can be applied over any shade of red or berry lipstick.  It’s gorgeous!  

It’s a great piece to add to your makeup bag for those moments when cocktails after work are in order, or just when you need a touch of sparkle. 

Lip Lacquer by Senna Cosmetics comes in four textures and 36 gorgeous shades, and the scent is intoxicating, smells just like Tahitian Vanilla, Yummy! 

Lip Lacquer formula is a light reflective pigment that adds extra fullness to your lips making them ready for that kissable pout. So go ahead and sugar coat your lips with Lip Lacquer by Senna Cosmetics. 

Lip Lacquer by Senna Cosmetics get’s a TEN! 



~ Ready, Set, Glow! ~

NEW ~ So-Bronze


I rarely wear eye makeup, and I try to get out of wearing makeup as much as possible.  Recently an occasion arose where I had to sit in front of my makeup mirror and play with color.     

I was nervous and out of practice, would I remember how to contour?    

Jane Iredale made it easy for me with her New So-Bronze, it’s a mineral based bronzer for people who love the sun and for those of us that shy away from it.    

This amazing bronzer is for all skin complexions and has two colors that could be mixed together or used separately.  I mixed them together and used them to contour around my eye area.    

I added a hint of shimmer to my face, lips and eyes, it gave me the appearance of wearing eye shadow and enhancing my non-surgical eye lift.    

I was luminous, radiant and happy.    

So-Bronze by Jane Iredale get’s a TEN!    



or  800-762-1132 for nearest location.  

Jane Iredale is also available at:  

Pure Beauty  

2124 Fillmore Street  

San Francisco, CA 94115  


The Red Carpet Facial

Malibu Facial in a Bag

I loved washing my face with the Fresh Mint Wash, the lather foamed releasing the smell of fresh mint, it was soothing and relaxing.

The Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment was non abrasive revealing smoother skin and the cleansing Mint&Carrot Mask felt luxurious, the experience was a Red Carpet Facial, at home.

I usually spend five minutes removing masks and scrubs from my skin, I loved how the warm water instantly removed the product from my skin, completely melting it off, leaving my skin fresh and clean.

This Red Carpet Facial is truly a treat, it is one of Malibu’s best kept secrets, it’s been a cult favorite for the past 30 years. Malibu Facial in a Bag is basic skincare that shrinks pores revealing smoother and softer skin.

Fresh Mint Wash – Instantly softens tap water, leaving your skin like you just had a professional facial!

Micro-Dermabrasion Treatment – gently exfoliates the skin, minimizing fine lines, wrinkles and pores. Stimulating the production of new and healthy skin.  I’m ready for my close up!

Mint&Carrot Mask– A refining facial mask that tightens pores, refines skin texture and calms irritations. The carrot oil provides nourishment, leaving your skin prepped for the red carpet!  P.S The longer you leave the mask on, the more it removes dead surface skin!!!  I’m in love!

I normally don’t believe in toners, but the Cucumber Toner soothed and calmed my skin irritations, I recently had a few beauty mishaps, I tend to not always follow directions and found this toner soothing for my current sensitive skin.

Once my facial was complete I applied the Azulene Cream, it’s a protective cream that prevents inflammation, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads, promoting clear skin.

Malibu Facial in a Bag gets a TEN!



Veronica Skin & Body Care Center

24955 Pacific Coast Hwy Ste B101

Malibu, CA 90265


*Don’t leave the mask on longer then 30 minutes!

Long-Lasting,Natural Lip Color

Mineral Cosmetics


Since I started my beauty blog I’ve been compelled to wear Red Lipstick every time I leave the house. On this particular occasion I was attending a baby shower in the early afternoon.  I knew Red Lipstick was not really appropriate, especially outside of the city. 

This City Girl was in a quandary, I sat there in front of my makeup mirror contemplating another lipstick color. I opened the tube of JUST PINK by Youngblood and fell in love!  

It was the perfect shade of pinky beige with tiny bits of sparkle, I paired it with Lip Pencil in POUT. It was the perfect color combination, and very appropriate for a baby shower in the early afternoon, outside of the city. 

Youngblood is a Mineral Based Cosmetic company that creates Luxurious, Moisturizing and Lanolin Free Lipsticks!  They have a superior blend of Natural Oils, Minerals and Candela Wax for super hydration that lasts all day. 

These Gorgeous colors come in 6 color families with 22 colors to choose from.  So go ahead and Glow, Pout, and Wink with Youngblood Cosmetics! 

This is one City Girl with a glorious pout! 

Youngblood Cosmetics get’s a TEN! 



Youngblood Cosmetics available at 

Henri Bendel 

712 5th Avenue 

New York, NY 10019-4100 


~ The Future of Skincare just got 4 times Brighter ~


Improving the appearance of unwanted discoloration

I couldn’t wait to test Lumixyl Topical Brightening System by EnvyMedical.  It was developed by dermatological researchers at Stanford University.  It’s a non-toxic, non-irritating synthetic peptide technology that improves the appearance of unwanted discoloration i.e sun spots, age spots, and uneven skin tone.

I saw the results within my first application, even with my beauty mishap, I could see the improvement in my overall skin tone.  My skin was more even, and the stubborn hyperpigmentation spots were less noticable.  I love this product!

Lumixyl is created for patients seeking a more even skin tone including those with:

– Melasma

– Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation ( That’s me)

– Sun spots, age spots, or liver spots

– Photodamage

– Hyperpigmentation caused by systemic disease or prescription drugs.

Lumixyl is for all skin types, I recommend that you don’t get overzealous and follow directions. You will love the results!

The Lumixyl system consists of 4 key products that remove hyperpigmented layers of skin: the products work well standing alone, but are more effective used together as a complete skincare system.

Step 1) Active-Prep cleanser – the smell was intoxicating Cleanse

Step 2) Lumixyl Topical Brightening cream – Brighten

Step 3) GlycoPeel 20 Rapid Exfoliating Lotion – Exfoliate

Step 4) MoistureLock Sunscreen SPF 20- Protect

Lumixyl promotes healthy skin and restrains tyrosiase and the enzyme responsible for causing the overproduction of melanin, which is the main reason for uneven pigmentation and dark spots.

The future of skincare just got 4 times brighter!

Lumixyl gets a TEN!


for more information:  www.envymedical.com

Lumixyl is sold through select physicians, for a referral: