~ Addressing the appearance of Aging Skin ~

Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini


Let’s face it, I’m just not getting older,  my skin is getting older too!  I have to start taking precautionary measures now or pretty soon I’m going to start looking my age.  

I discovered Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini.  After several weeks of using this luxuriously emollient face cream I started to feel my skin repair itself from environmental damage.   

I’ve always had great skin, but I wasn’t using age appropriate skincare until now.  I can see and feel a huge difference. I’m more confident now walking out of my house wearing less makeup or no makeup at all. 

Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini addresses the appearance of aging skin due to changes in our hormonal levels, thank God! I am starting to feel like Samantha in Sex&the City 2. 

Getting age-appropriate skincare is easy with Jan Marini. 

Age-Intervention Face Cream by Jan Marini gets a TEN! 


Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio 

The Flood Building 

870 Market Street Suite 1188 

San Francisco, CA 94102 



~ Luminous & Flawless Skin with Luminess Air ~

Luminess Air


I was skeptical at first about testing Luminess Air, I’m not a professional makeup artist and I didn’t know if I would be able to skillfully maneuver the airbrushing tool.      

The DVD that came with the directions was easy to follow, in a matter of minutes I mastered the art of airbrushing.       

I sat in front of the makeup mirror admiring my results, my skin was flawless, smooth and my adult acne, tiny red veins and hyperpigmentation scars were concealed!     

My tiny laugh lines and wrinkles were minimized, Luminess Air gave me a more natural and youthful glow in a matter of minutes.     

Luminess Air is used by the beauty industries top professional makeup artists in Film, TV and Print, now we know why our favorite celebrities always have flawless and amazing skin.    

Luminess Air used to be a beauty insider trade secret and now it’s available to everyone – there are different airbrushing kits available for every price point, and Luminess Air offers  unique payment options, making it affordable to beginners and professional makeup artists alike.    

I was so thrilled with my results I wanted to share my newest beauty secret with everyone, and couldn’t wait to beauty blog about my experience with Luminess Air.   

Luminess Air gets a TEN!     


Available through  Neiman Marcus Online

~ Bazaar Great Style ~ The best ways to update your Look!

Bazaar Great Style - Best ways to update your look!

I love this book so much that I’m not giving it back to my sister Wendy.  I find inspiration looking through the pictures of my favorite celebrity’s wearing their everyday fashionable clothing.  The sections the Basics and Ultimate Classics are my favorite.  However this book offers us a glimpse of famous closets and enduring style.

I live in T-shirts, V-neck, crew-neck, dark gray, black or white. I’m constantly buying black cardigans and add dark gray for novelty. The rule for jeans is to only wear nice dark jeans, if you wear faded jeans it’s because they faded on their own, naturally.

You add investment pieces, like a great-coat or suit that you can mix and match with everything, its called building a wardrobe around basic classic pieces that stand the test of time.

During the summer I switch from Urban to Boho, I collect Mexican peasant blouses and Chinese silk tunics I wear with ballet flats and jeans.  I buy silk tunics in solid colors, and blouses I can layer underneath my cashmere cardigans, this adds texture.

There are other sections: Office Elegance, Essential Supplies,Classic Accessories, Bag Style, Lingerie Essentials and so much more.

I’m in-between Glam, Urban and Boho – after years of making mistakes I finally figured out what works best on me and my body type.

Bazaar Great Style gets a TEN!!

Winner-Allure Editor Choice Awards – TouchBack by ColorMark

TouchBack Gray

It’s no mistake I’m getting older, and I fight the monthly battle of having to cover roots and gray hair.  Men look great sporting salt-n-pepper hair but sadly women don’t.

I’m on a cycle where I need to touch up my roots every six weeks and cover my gray areas every four weeks.  All this constant dying can’t be healthy.

I recently discovered TouchBack by ColorMark. It’s an easy to use marker that covers unwanted gray hair while you’re in-between color appointments.

TouchBack is known as real hair color in a marker, it does not flake or rub off, it can be used with other styling product’s and it’s temporary.

I loved that it covered my gray and it easily washed off in the shower. TouchBack is real hair color that does not penetrate the hair shaft, or effect permanent hair color, it’s a quick band-aid for those moments when you can’t make it to your hair appointment or you’re trying to give your hair a break.

TouchBack by ColorMark gets a TEN!


TouchBack is available in 8 natural colors.

~Shades of Sheer instant Pretty ~

Super Sheer Liquid Tint by Sonia Kashuk color shown:Rose


I love finding beauty bargains that have multiple uses.  I recently discovered Sonia Kashuk and love the New Super Sheer Liquid Tints!  

Gorgeous color that provides a healthy flushed glow.  I applied the sheer tint to my cheeks and lips, creating that no-makeup makeup look which I love.  

 It’s perfect for those summer vacations that are just around the corner.   

 Or if you’re rushed for time in the mornings, it’s easy to apply to your cheeks and lips creating that instant pretty glow that lasts all day.  

Super Sheer Liquid Tint by Sonia Kashuk gets a TEN!  


Sonia Kashuk guilt-free professional beauty products available at Target

~ Removing Unwanted Wrinkles ~

Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads by Peter Thomas Roth

I’ve used these amazing Un-Wrinkle peel pads by Peter Thomas Roth.  I love how they keep my skin smooth, clear and radiant.

Un-Wrinkle by PTR helps boost collagen, plumps and smooths the skin while relaxing expression lines and unwanted wrinkles.

The main ingredients are 6 powerful active anti-aging and neuropeptides that improve the appearance of fines lines, pout lines, ripple foreheads and parentheses.

I saw visible results within my first application,  if you’re concerned with achieving an even skin tone, and getting rid of unwanted wrinkles – then Un-Wrinkle with Peter Thomas Roth.

Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads by Peter Thomas Roth gets a TEN!


Available at Sephora


Pure Beauty

2124 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94115


~ Widening & Brightening Your Eyes ~

EyeLighter by Cargo Cosmetics

I’m in love with this EyeLighter pen by Cargo Cosmetics.  It’s the best makeup trick for brightening and widening your eyes.

On one end we have a shimmering gold shadow and on the opposite end a gorgeous matte gold. 

The shimmer can be applied under the brows and lower lashes while the matte gold to the corner of your eyes, creating an amazing eyelift that gives an amazing youthful glow.

EyeLighter by Cargo Cosmetics gets a TEN!


Cargo Cosmetics are available at Ulta and Macy’s


First Aid Beauty, Emergency Repair

Blemish Eraser

I suffer from adult acne and I’m always looking for products that help keep my acne under control.  I can’t always prevent acne, finding a solution that helps  reduce the damage is a miracle.

I recently discovered Blemish Eraser by First Aid Beauty.  It reduced the length of my acne breakout and did not cause irritation or excessive dry skin.

First Aid Beauty offers skincare basics, intense therapy, emergency care for common daily skin conditions.

Allergy tested, fragrance free, and no harsh chemicals.  Easy to use over the counter formulations, rescue your skin with First Aid Beauty.

Blemish Eraser gets a TEN!


available at Nordstrom


~ Creating thicker, fuller Lashes ~



Now that I’ve been getting older I worry about my lashes.  I discovered this amazing Mineral Lash Prime by Youngblood Cosmetics.  

It can be worn under any mascara, my lashes were nourished and moisturized. 

 Mineral Lash Prime, for thicker and fuller lashes after one coat of mascara. 

I love having long , thick and healthy lashes.  On the plus side, my lashes were fortified, conditioned, and replenished with vitamins and minerals that condition the lashes and help extend the wear of mascara. 

Mineral Lash Prime by Youngblood Cosmetics gets a TEN! 


 OxenRose Salon 

448 Grove Street 

San Francisco, CA 94102