~ An Ending to a Perfect Shave ~

Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel by Whish

Whish Body  products have turned shaving into a pleasurable experience, I love Shave Savour, it smells delicious and keeps my legs stubble free for days at a time.

The cooling gel absorbed easily into my skin, leaving behind hydration.  Shave Savour can be used to replenish the skin after waxing, or the use of laser hair removal.

The plus side besides the amazing scent, is that it actually slows the growth of hair! Clinical studies show that it reduces hair density by 26% in 28 days, I’m excited!

I love having smooth, hydrated legs for as long as I can, I still hate shaving my legs, but with Whish body products it’s not a grueling experience anymore.  The ending to a perfect shave, Shave Savour by Whish.


Shave Savour by Whish gets a TEN!


~ Real Fashion around the World ~

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

I love The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman, he gives us a glimpse of real fashion.  Fashion is not about wearing couture.

True Fashion is about wearing what makes you feel comfortable and being able to mix H&M with Chanel.

I love looking through the pages for inspiration, I’m not going to run off and copy these amazing looks but it validates my own personal style.  Nothing makes me smile more then seeing a piece of clothing or jewelry I own,  or seeing clothing worn in the manner in which I wear my own.

I love fashion and consider myself to be stylish, at least I’ve been told so by my friends and family.  I’m not saying I’ll ever make it into the Sartorialist, but I rather like the idea that maybe on my next visit to Paris or Rome I may run into him and just maybe….

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman gets a TEN!

My uniform - Jeans, T-shirts and cardigans

~Jane Iredale Liquid Eyeliner – Winner Editors choice Awards, Allure Magazine ~

Editor Choice Award Winner - Allure Magazine

Jane Iredale liquid eyeliner is the winner for best liquid eyeliner at the Editors Choice Awards, Allure Magazine. 

Although my hands weren’t very steady the brush was easy to handle, making it easy to achieve perfect eyes. 

 I loved that the eyeliner didn’t smear or smudge, and stayed in place all day long. 

Jane Iredale liquid eyeliners contain essential oils, that nourish and prevent the drying of the delicate eye area. 

Liquid Eyeliner by Jane Iredale gets a TEN! 


 Available in 6 gorgeous shades. 

Pure Beauty 

2124 Fillmore Street 

San Francisco, CA 94115 

415- 346-2511 


Naturally Longer Lashes in 28 days


The first night I tested Talika, I awoke the next morning with more beautiful longer lashes.  Usually it takes two to three weeks to see visible improvement, but with Talika it was overnight.

Doing research for my beauty blog I discovered that Talika was created for patients with third-degree burns.

These patients had few eyelashes or none at all.  I was impressed, someday I’ll never have to wear mascara again.

Clinical studies proved that with the use of Talika Lipocils Expert you will have longer lashes in 28 days.

Talika promotes eyelash growth while conditioning, repigmentation and curling existing lashes.

1) Naturally lengthens eyelashes up to 2.5mm

2) Stimulates eyelash growth

3) Brings shine and protects eyelashes from mascara

Talika Lipocils gets a TEN!


Talika Products are available at Sephora