Lip Fixation by Jane Iredale


I was literally obsessed when I saw this beautiful lip stain/ lip gloss duo.  I’m especially into beauty products that work double duty, Lip Fixation by Jane Iredale is fortified with natural lip plumping properties that include ginger root extract and avocado oil for intense moisture.  The colors are long-lasting, ultra-hydrating gorgeous shades of color that can take you from a full work day to after work cocktails. I couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, I was impressed that the lip stain lasted throughout lunch and all I needed was a dab of gloss for extra sparkle.

Achieving a kissable pout has never been this easy, Lip Fixation by Jane Iredale gets a TEN!


Pure Beauty 346-2511415-

2124 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94115

Nourishing your hair with John Masters Organics

I suffer from dry and frizzy hair, it’s the bane of my existence.  I love finding hair care products that deliver the promise of healthy hair.  I recently discovered John Masters Organics.

I’m starting to believe that Organic beauty products are the way to go, especially when the results are instantly noticeable.

Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer by John Masters is made with 100% Certified-Organic plant and essential oils, it left my hair soft, shiny, frizz free and manageable.

I’ve loved my hair so much that it’s hard for me to put this amazing hair elixir down.  Another great use is that it can be mixed with other hair care products for extra conditioning and styling properties.

Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer by John Masters Organics gets a TEN!


Available at Whole Foods.

Pretty in Pink: Kirsten by Jane Iredale

I’ve been obsessed with this gorgeous shade of pink lipstick, it was inspired for Kirsten Dunst by Jane IredaleI’m in awe that the same shade of pink lipstick looks equally amazing on Kirsten and myself. Jane Iredale makes cosmetics that compliment all skin tones, which explains why this color worked well with my complexion.

PureMoist comes in 32 fashion colors, from matte to shimmer. The state-of-the-art liposome formula gives intense moisture, color and staying power. No FD&C dyes or preservatives.

I loved the Mint & Vanilla scent, plus the SPF 8 is an added bonus. Give your lips a drink with Jane Iredale PureMoist.

Kirsten by Jane Iredale gets a TEN!


Pure Beauty

2124 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, CA 94115


Clarifying and Color Sealing your Hair

I tend to abuse hair care products, I’ve been searching for the Holy Grail and sometimes suffer from product buildup.

I’m also constantly dying my roots and grey hair.  I recently discovered Herbal Cider Hair Clarifier & Color Sealer from John Masters Organics.

I could feel the apple cider clean away my product buildup, not to mention the environmental residue.

I love that my hair color was vibrant and shiny.  My hair was clean, smooth and gorgeous.

The price points are affordable and amazing.  This Apple Cider Clarifier is a great weekly addition to your weekend maintenance program. I’m definitely adding it to mine.

I want healthy, clean and shiny hair don’t you?

John Masters Organics gets a TEN!


Sunkissed Neutral Daily Face Protectant by Jan Marini

Jan Marini Skin Research

I’m getting ready to take my summer vacation in Maui.  The last time I was there I fell in love with Jet skiing, playing in the Pacific Ocean and laying out.

What is a girl to do when she wants to look polished and have sun protection at the same time?

My solution is to travel with Jan Marini’s AntiOxidant Daily Face Protectant.

This amazing tint is available in a selection of gorgeous shades that provide SPF30, antioxidants and the part that caught my attention was that it’s also waterproof!

AntiOxidant Face Protectant by Jan Marini can be used over all topical therapies and moisturizers, it’s oil-free and delivers a luminous matte finish.


Dawn Patrice Skincare Studio

The Flood Building

870 Market Street Suite 1188

San Francisco, CA 94102


More younger and radiant looking skin with Bio-Serum by Neocutis

I recently had the luxury of testing Bio-Serum by Neocutis a San Francisco based skincare company.  I’ve been getting older and recently started to see the passages of time on my skin.  I was on a mission to reverse the signs of age, it’s important to use aga-appropriate skincare.  Bio-Serum is an intensive stimulating serum with PSP that restores the appearance of youthful skin by plumping up the skin with Hyaluronic Acid.

Bio-Serum refined the look of my facial contours while lessening the appearance of wrinkles and creating firmer skin.  Bio-Serum by Neocutis gave me back radiant, more youthful looking skin, I literally look younger!

You can order this amazing Bio-Serum as a 7 to 14 day full facial treatment and its also available in a portable pen for stubborn lines and wrinkles.

Dr. Vic Narukar

Laser Institute

2100 Webster #505

San Francisco, CA 94115



Dr. Kathleen Welsh

Cosmetic& General Dermatology

2299 Powell Street #312

San Francisco, CA 94115


~ Soft & Luxurious Shiny Hair ~

Lavender & Avocado Intensive Conditioner


 I’m in love with John Masters Organic Lavender & Avocado intensive hair conditioner.  It’s the first hair conditioner I used that left my hair manageable and gloriously soft. 

I’ve looked everywhere for a conditioner that would leave my hair hydrated and moisturized.  Plus I love the light lavender scent, it calmed and soothed me after a day at the office. 

The key ingredients are: 

Lavender Oil – slows hair loss and helps treat dermatitis and eczema. 

Avocado Oil – Moisturizes and conditions the hair. 

Soy Protein – Makes hair look thicker, fuller and strengthens the hair follicles – leaves hair shiny. 

White Tea – detoxifies the hair and scalp. 

Arnica – hydrates the scalp and stimulates hair growth. 

This unique hair conditioner is intensive for dry damaged hair and the light weight formula won’t weigh hair down, it’s also safe for color treated hair.  

The beauty is that all the ingredients in John Masters Organics are made with certified organic ingredients. 

It’s easy being healthy with John Masters Organics. 

Lavender & Avocado Hair Condioner gets a TEN! 


Certified Organic – Lip Delivery Nutrition by Intelligent Nutrients

I often wake up with dry chapped lips and have to go through the process every morning of removing dry flakey skin.  I prefer to avoid that and require a lip balm that provides me with hydration and nutrition.  I recently discovered Intelligent Nutrients.  I’ve been testing Lip Delivery Nutrition, a lip balm product with anti-aging benefits and intense hydration.   All Intelligent Nutrient products are made with their signature blend of super-antioxidant, anti-aging seed oil – known as Intellume. Intelligent Nutrient products are also formulated with certified organic ingredients, because everything we put into our bodies should be good for them. After a long afternoon lunch at the Grove my lips stayed soft and hydrated.  I love having healthy lips, it makes it easier in the mornings when I’m applying lipstick – for that irresistible kissable pout.


Barneys New York

77 O’Farrell Street

San Francisco, CA 94102


Brightening Dull Skin with Sonia Kashuk

Perfecting Luminous Foundation by Sonia Kashuk

I love finding beauty bargains as much as I love shopping at Target.  I recently discovered Perfecting Luminous Foundation by Sonia Kashuk.

The texture was smooth and creamy, absorbing into my skin leaving it hydrated and luminous.

My skin sometimes goes through periods where it can look a little dull, usually it’s during abrupt changes in the weather or if I’m not getting enough sleep.

This Luminous Foundation contains amino acids, sugar derivatives and urea, which help illuminate the skin from within.  Available in 6 flawless finishes.


Perfecting Luminous Foundation by Sonia Kashuk gets a TEN!

Available at Target