Revealing Soft & Kissable Lips with Jane Iredale

I went to Maui for my summer vacation this year, and as usual I got my summer tan on my first day.  I was bright red, and afterwards I realized I dried my lips out in the process. Lucky for me I know how to repair and recharge my skin.  I brought along with me a fewContinue reading “Revealing Soft & Kissable Lips with Jane Iredale”

Creating Show Stopping Gorgeous Eyes with Sonia Kashuk

I’m a Red Lipstick sorta gal, but there are those times when Red Lipstick can be too heavy for a normal workday at the office.  I heard about Gel Eyeliners and decided to investigate. I recently tested Dramatically Defining Long-Wearing Gel Eyeliner by Sonia Kashuk and I was impressed.  Not only is the price-point reasonable but the GelContinue reading “Creating Show Stopping Gorgeous Eyes with Sonia Kashuk”

Delivering the results of a Professional Peel – Taking the Doctor Home with you

The economy being what it is, I can’t always get a professional peel.  I love Dr.Brandt skincare products because it’s just like taking the doctor home with me. As soon as I applied the product I could feel it working its magic.  I saw the results, my skin was smoother, clearer and radiant.  I love being ableContinue reading “Delivering the results of a Professional Peel – Taking the Doctor Home with you”

For that pure wash of natural color: Lipstains by Maybelline

I’m obsessed with Lipstains, I’ve been testing affordable name brands for the past few weeks. Lipstains by Maybelline are that perfect sheer wash of natural color, my lips felt fresh and their barely there feel were perfect for everyday. Especially those hot days in Maui during my summer vacation. I love the water based pigments, Lipstains by MaybellineContinue reading “For that pure wash of natural color: Lipstains by Maybelline”

High-Sheen Finishing Spray by Oribe

I waited until I was happy with my haircut before testing out this amazing Soft Lacquer hair Spray by Oribe. I learned that if my hair is dry, and unhealthy it’s best not to test new styling products until I was happy with the health of my hair. I was so happy with my hair today, itContinue reading “High-Sheen Finishing Spray by Oribe”

Beauty Award Winning Blush by Cargo Cosmetics

Cargo Cosmetics creates professional makeup that is used on the sets of TV and Film.  I’m not surprised, their blushes are blendable, moist and sheer powders that easily glide onto the skin creating that irresistible glow that comes from within. I tested a gorgeous shade of Pink, Catalina and the big pan allowed for the pigment toContinue reading “Beauty Award Winning Blush by Cargo Cosmetics”

beingTrue to your skin

I love this Protective Mineral Foundation Powder by beingTrue Cosmetics.  It not only gave me a gorgeous and luminous appearance but it also gave me amazing coverage. I especially get excited when I find a beauty product that can perform double duty. beingTrue Cosmetics provides women from all age groups with modern, long-wearing pigments that areContinue reading “beingTrue to your skin”

Beauty Q&A with Helen Andreos – Former National Lancome Brow and Skincare Specialiste

Helen Andreos in a past life was the National Brow Specialiste for the house of Lancome.  During her early career as the national brow and skincare specialiste for Lancome Cosmetics, Helen participated at various award shows such as the Oscars, Emmy Awards and the MTV Video Music Awards.  Renowned  Nationwide Helen has a Celebrity Clientel list adding Angela Basset, NellyContinue reading “Beauty Q&A with Helen Andreos – Former National Lancome Brow and Skincare Specialiste”

BIOGLYCOLIC FACIAL LOTION: Keeping your skin blemish free with Jan Marini

I love Jan Marini skincare products, it’s no secret I suffer from adult acne and since I’ve been getting older I’m concerned with skin resurfacing.  BIOGLYCOLIC FACIAL LOTION helps me keep my skin blemish free and soft and smooth.  This amazing lotion aids the skin in retaining hydration, evens out skin tone ( I suffer fromContinue reading “BIOGLYCOLIC FACIAL LOTION: Keeping your skin blemish free with Jan Marini”

Getting Picture Perfect with Cargo Cosmetics

I loved the silky smooth texture, it glided onto my skin leaving behind a flawless canvas.  My pores and fine lines were minimized and I was camera ready. Blu_Ray High Definition by Cargo Cosmetics is a makeup line that preps us for the runway of life, don’t you want to be picture perfect?  High DefinitionContinue reading “Getting Picture Perfect with Cargo Cosmetics”