Age defying Acne Cleanser by NeoStrata

NeoStrata skincare products are developed by leading dermatologists, and are advanced therapeutic skincare products that are scientifically unsurpassed in ingredients and quality. I suffer from adult acne and with age comes other skincare concerns.  I’m after the fountain of youth.  If you experience acne around your jaw line or chin it’s safe to say that it is hormonal acne.  There isContinue reading “Age defying Acne Cleanser by NeoStrata”

Bronzed Goddess for everyday pretty by Cargo Cosmetics

Cargo Cosmetics creates innovative makeup that prepares you for the runway of life –  or everyday pretty.   Winter usually means pale skin, and with my summer tan fading I needed to find a tinted bronzer that I could mix with my favorite moisturizer or foundation.   Multi-Mix Bronzer by Cargo Cosmetics is a universalContinue reading “Bronzed Goddess for everyday pretty by Cargo Cosmetics”

For a healthier smile – Supersmile

Supersmile products promote naturally whiter teeth and healthier gums.  The Supersmile toothbrush cleans beneath the gum line with its precision 45 degree angled brush.  Supersmile products are made with the state-of-the-art technology and are celebrity tested and Citygirl approved! I’ve been using my Supersmile tooth brush over the Holidays and can boast of having whiter, healthier teeth and gums.  My teeth areContinue reading “For a healthier smile – Supersmile”

Age Refresh w/ Saying Yes to Blueberries

Courtesy of Yes to Carrots The eyes are more than the windows to the soul, they also show the world how old we are.  If we don’t use preventative measures – they can lead people to believe we are older than we actually are. Yes to Blueberries created a unique skincare collection that helps in the preventionContinue reading “Age Refresh w/ Saying Yes to Blueberries”

Long-Lasting Volume w/ Lea Journo

  Lea Journo owns the hippest hair salon in Beverly Hills,  and can boast of a celebrity clientele that includes Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Kate Bosworth and Britney Spears to name a few.   Lea Journo is known as the Parisian Dynamo of Haircare – and with good reason.  I recently tested POUF Volumizing Spray and I wasContinue reading “Long-Lasting Volume w/ Lea Journo”

Un-Wrinkle Night by Peter Thomas Roth

In 28 days my skin experienced cell renewal and a decrease in tiny laugh lines, facial expressions and wrinkles.   I’ve been using Un-Wrinkle night by Peter Thomas Roth and the results were almost instant.  I loved that my skin was soft, smooth and younger looking. The anti-aging peptides help in turning back the clock –Continue reading “Un-Wrinkle Night by Peter Thomas Roth”

Huile Du Palme a beautifying elixir by Leonor Greyl

  Leonor Greyl is the first Haircare company to create a haircare line using the worlds finest ingredients, for 35 years Leonor Greyl has paved the way from using chemicals to vitamins and natural ingredients that restore, protect and correct the hair.     Marie-Laure Fournier of Fournier Communications can’t live without Leonor Greyl’s Huile Du Palme, I set out to investigate and found the Huile Du PalmeContinue reading “Huile Du Palme a beautifying elixir by Leonor Greyl”

Refining problematic skin w/ beingTrue

Courtesy of beingTrue With age and teenage acne comes the desire to minimize our pores.  Oily skin causes the need to use skincare products that help eliminate shine.  There is a solution that won’t break the bank.  beingTrue’s essential pore and complexion refiner – I’ve been using this magical potion faithfully and noticed that my pores were minimized and my t-zone lostContinue reading “Refining problematic skin w/ beingTrue”

Correcting Redness and Rosacea w/ SUNDAY RILEY

Stimulant II Perfecting Stem Cell Serum by Sunday Riley is a  serum that reduces redness and inflammation caused by Rosacea, Post-Sun and Post-Treatments.    Sunday Riley products are infused with the NV-5 Ageless Complex and each product has its own unique blend of active ingredients that give the skin radiance and luminosity.   At Sunday Riley modernContinue reading “Correcting Redness and Rosacea w/ SUNDAY RILEY”

Amazing lip primer by Senna Cosmetics

Senna cosmetics is the brain child of Emma Weston, Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist.  The celebrity clientele list includes Ashley and Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling and Sela Ward to name a few.  Emma Weston has worked with Herb Ritts and Helmut Newton and is listed in Kevin Aucoin’s famous “ Inspiring Makeup Artist – MakingContinue reading “Amazing lip primer by Senna Cosmetics”