Amazing lip primer by Senna Cosmetics

Courtesy of Senna Cosmetics
Senna cosmetics is the brain child of Emma Weston, Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist.  The celebrity clientele list includes Ashley and Jessica Simpson, Tori Spelling and Sela Ward to name a few. 
Emma Weston has worked with Herb Ritts and Helmut Newton and is listed in Kevin Aucoin’s famous “ Inspiring Makeup Artist – Making Faces”.
It’s no secret that I read New Beauty Magazine from cover to cover, and that I’m on a mission to turn back the clock as far as I can.  Recently I discovered totally Transforming Lip Primer by Senna Cosmetics. 
My lips were transformed, my kissable pout was perfect! No lipstick feathering and the color lasted throughout afternoon lunch.  I loved the natural lip plumping effect – and so will you!
4125 Piedmont Ave.
Oakland, CA 94611

*Apply to clean, dry lips completely covering lips and along lip line in order to fill in fine lines and furrows. Apply lip liner and lipstick over. Top with gloss if desired*.

Silky Smooth hair w/ John Frieda Smooth Start Conditioner

Courtesy of Google Images
Having sisters makes it easy to hear about New beauty products.  I recently tested John Frieda’s New Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Conditioner.  I loved how my hair felt after the shower.  It was silky smooth and sleek!
Smooth Start Conditioner smoothes and hydrates each strand, replenishes vital moisture and helps restore your hairs natural defense against Frizz.  It’s also safe for color treated hair!
I love how my hair was hydrated, silky, shiny and manageable.  The price is a steal, the results are amazing!
Loving my hair after using Smooth Start Conditioner sent me back to Walgreens where I picked up Luminous Color Glaze and convinced me to go online and Pre-order the NEW and  amazing John Frieda Hair Care products that are expected to hit the shelves in early January 2011.
Shopping online is quick and easy – plus you can sign up for coupons and deals.
Smooth Start Conditioner by John Frieda gets a TEN!
Available at Walgreens & Target

Instant Beauty by Talika

Courtesy of Talika
Instant Beauty by Talika keeps the skin hydrated while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Instantly I noticed that my skin texture was tighter and smoother, my pores were minimized and my skin felt fresh and energized.
The instant facelift effect was instant beauty – the essential ingredients give the skin a luminous and radiant glow that comes from within. 
After a stressful day at the office, with the holidays and dealing with personal relationships it was a luxury to erase the signs of fatigue from my skin – isn’t it time you refreshed and energized your skin?


Talika Lipocils is available at Sephora

Skincare Q&A w/ Dr. Vic Narurkar, MD, FAAD

Courtesy of Dr. Narurkar

Dr. Vic Narurkar’s name is associated with the top names in dermatology.  He has over 100 publications that brought skincare  out of the dark ages.  Dr. Narurkar was the first to investigate the Fraxel Restore Laser, the Isolaz Laser for Acne, and the Starlux Photo Rejuvenation Laser hair reduction with diode.  His résumé is impressive and endless.

Dr. Narurkar simultaneously runs his own private practice and serves as the assistant clinical professor at UC Davis. I was nervous requesting an interview with Dr. Narurkar, and was thrilled when the arrangements were made for the following day. Dr. Narurkar was gracious during our conversation and immediately put me at ease.

We discussed his professional view of age appropriate skincare and how to effectively correct skin issues. He also agreed with the fact that most women focus too much on makeup and not enough on skincare.

Anita: I’m going to start by saying that this is an honor and I’ll try and move these questions right along.

Dr. Narurkar: It’s my pleasure; it’s not a problem at all.

Anita: From your professional opinion, what is Prevention, Maintenance and Correction?

Dr. Narurkar: Prevention is primarily directed at extrinsic signs of aging which is due to sun exposure, smoking and environmental factors.  Thus a broad spectrum sunscreen is an example of prevention.  Maintenance is maintaining a procedure.  Dry skin is also environmental so a great moisturizer is key.  Correction is treatment of both extrinsic and intrinsic issues.  Therefore products such as the NEOCUTIS BIO-CREAM can address both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

Anita: What is your philosophy on age appropriate skincare?

 Dr. Narurkar: Regardless of age everyone needs sunscreen, each age group has different skincare needs. For example a woman in her mid 30’s is dealing with sun damage and acne, an older woman is dealing with lackluster skin and requires hydration.
A combination of appropriate skincare is needed for each individual. Age appropriate skincare refers to the fact that there are certain factors which are predominant in certain age groups. Young women have a combination of acne and early signs of photo damage whereas older patients have more issues with skin barrier protection and advanced photoaging.
Anita:  How old should a person be before considering the use of fillers or plastic surgery?
Dr. Narurkar: I hate to use the word Plastic surgery; however the trend in skincare currently is that most people are opting out of plastic surgery. And sometimes there is no substitution for Plastic Surgery, especially when the jaw line and eye lids need a lift.
Dermal fillers are used when the mid face starts to drop and you notice the hollowing of the face and marionette lines. Youthful skin doesn’t mean it’s pulled tight. Fillers can correct a genetic feature, example a person born with a naturally thin lip. Youthful skin is considered clear, clean and even toned.

Anita: What determines which products are dispensed in your office?
Dr. Narurkar: The products dispensed at my office have to have scientific proof that they deliver clinical results. I don’t advocate glorified products without scientific clinical results.
Anita: What are your personal favorite products and why?
Dr. Narurkar: I love prescription Retin A micro – it’s my go to retinoid. It’s a 2-in-1 because it helps clear up acne and its age defying. I am also a fan of NEOCUTIS skincare products, especially the PSP restoration creams because they are easy on the skin.

Blanche is my favorite bleaching cream and Perle because it contains their patent pending MelaPlex, the scientifically advanced skin brightening complex which helps fade the appearance of uneven pigmentation, helps hinder future spots and restores skin’s luminosity. To clear up hyperpigmentation skin you would start with Blanche and maintain with Perle, since it is hydroquinone free and therefore safe to use in your daily regimen.
Anita: What are the biggest mistakes a person makes with regards to skincare?
Dr. Narurkar: One of the biggest mistakes is that my patients bring in bag-fulls of skincare products that they don’t need, or know how to use. Most of the time they are buying skincare because it’s glorified by a salesperson who knows nothing about skincare. Like in life, less is more and that applies to skincare. Also some patients over use skincare and develop allergic

Anita: Last minute pearls of wisdom?

Dr. Narurkar: Do your research whether it’s for a procedure or product, seek professional experienced guidance. Your skin, face is too important – they are the first impressions you present to your peers, friends and family.

Correct the issues and then maintain them – there is no miracle cream that performs overnight. Another example, I had a patient that came in requesting botox, yet she suffered from hyperpigmentation and other skin issues. I advised her to correct the main issues first so that she may receive the full benefits of the botox.

Anita: Thank you Dr. Narurkar! I’ve enjoyed our conversation and I’m a huge fan of your advice sections in New Beauty Magazine! I’m hoping to make an appointment with you soon!

Dr. Vic Narurkar
2100 Webster Street Suite 505
San Francisco, CA 94115


Age-defy your lips with PCA Skin

Courtesy of PCA Skin
Peptide lip therapy by PCASkin was recently voted best lip treatment by Prevention Magazine.  Rightly so, it’s more than just a lip balm, it’s an age-defying lip treatment that preserves the contour of your natural lip line. 

You’re lips will be infused with rich emollients for ultra hydration –  you’re going to love the lip plumping effect that leaves your pout kissable and youthful.

Another benefit is that Peptide lip therapy by PCASkin also helps speed the collagen production, while restoring your lips to a natural healthy color.

My lips were hydrated, smooth, restored and there was no dryness or flakey skin to slough away.  Peptide lip therapy can be worn alone or under your favorite lip product,  you’re going to love the age-defying benefits.

The Web Site has sections devoted to skincare education, and a glossary for terminology.

PCA Skin has a variety of skincare treatments that come in two categories, Daily Care Products and Professional Treatments. Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin.*
Don’t you want to increase your skins luminosity?

Peptide lip therapy by PCASkin gets a TEN!

S.F Beauty Network

5748 Geary BLVD

San Francisco, Ca 94121


New Shampoo with Quinine by Klorane

Courtesy of Klorane
Do you suffer from thinning lifeless hair? Or is your hair just fine and thin?   Either way there is a solution if you’re anything  like me and are compelled to wash your hair daily.
Klorane created a New Shampoo with Quinine and B Vitamins that invigorates and helps strengthen the hair while improving natural hair growth.  It’s like Skincare for your hair, it promotes a healthy scalp.
*Quinine is extracted from the bark of the Cinchona tree, the only natural source at the Ecuador that has proven strengthening properties.* 
The B6/B5 vitamins help control sebum production and promote hair growth – leaving each strand hydrated and protected against breakage.
I loved that after shampooing my hair was soft, and tangle free.  Restoring thin lifeless hair is healthy with Klorane.
Klorane gets a TEN!
Available at Sephora

Beauty Secrets of a Queen – Beauty Elixir by Caudalie

Courtesy of Caudalie
Beauty Elixir by Caudalie was inspired by the Original Elixir of Youth by Queen Isabelle of Hungary.  The aroma is intoxicating and relaxing.
This magical elixir helps smooth the skin and helps minimize pores. 
Beauty Elixir  by Caudalie provides the skin with an instant burst of radiance for luminous glowing skin.
Do you suffer from lack luster skin,  is your skin lacking that inner glow?
Beauty Elixir by Caudalie is perfect for those of us who experience a lack of radiance, and need a boost of naturally glowing radiance.
Caudalie skincare products are made with the  grape-seed OPC Molecule which is 10,000 times more powerful than Vitamin E in fighting free radicals.  Caudalie offers 35 different skincare and bodycare products for all skin types.
I love having naturally glowing and radiant healthy skin!
Available at Sephora
*• Tips from your Vinotherapist
Apply between your foundation and powder to perfectly set make-up.*

Valentina by Senna Cosmetics

Courtesy of Senna Cosmetics

I applied the lipstick easily, and without a lip pencil.  I sat there in front of the mirror playing with the color, each time achieving a different shade.  I especially loved how the natural light reflected from the jewel tone color of the lipstick enhancing my complexion. Plus the lipstick smelled like Tahitian Vanilla – yummy!

Valentina is a ruby-red, a gorgeous shade for those of us beginning to channel our inner Goddess. Valentina evokes passion and that 1930’s glamour.

Senna cosmetics is the brainchild of celebrity makeup artist, and Emmy award nominee Eugenia Watson.  Working in television taught Eugenia how lighting, fashion and makeup intersect.  I’ts about Beauty – Illusion – Transformation.

Senna Cosmetics is for women who want to look younger and more beautiful but don’t have time to sit in front of the mirror.  The pigments are blendable and easy to apply.  The colors look great in artificial and natural light.  This explains why Valentina looked amazing all day!

Valentina by Senna Cosmetics gets a TEN!


4125 Piedmont Ave.
Oakland, CA 94611

Super H Serum by 3Lab

Courtesy of 3Lab
 3Lab skincare is considered among beauty insiders as the perfect anti-aging skincare collection, it’s infused with a super powered skin booster known as Nano-Claire GY*, an exclusive bio-engineered growth hormone that replenishes the skin from within.

3Lab skincare aids the skin by replenishing growth hormones that are lost due to age, it also promotes the delay in chronological aging.  Your skin will look and feel refreshed, shine will be minimized and skin will be left hydrated, firmer, brighter and PH balanced. 

I’ve used the Super H serum for the past week and my skin was brighter, clearer and luminous.  The results from using 3Lab skincare are visible almost overnight.  The skin is left hydrated, firmer, supple and radiant.  This magical elixir absorbed easily leaving behind smooth and refreshed skin.

This is a beauty splurge, but well worth it.

Super H Serum by 3Lab gets a TEN!

Barneys New York

77 O’Farrell Street

San Francisco, CA 94102

415- 268-3542

“Reawaken your skin with the latest technology, the perfect products to perfect your face”