Rouge d’Armani for Long-Wearing Gorgeous Color that Lasts all Day

Courtesy of Google Images

Reading’s Beauty Essentials with Garance Dore made me curious about Rouge d’Armani – I had to investigate and bought 400, although Garance’s favorite is 401.

I was immediately entranced with the shade and loved the texture of the lipstick even more.  Rouge d’Armani is a long-wearing and hydrating formula that leaves your lips drenched in gorgeous moisturizing color.

401 is an orange/true red while 400 is more of a brick brown red – either way I am completely captivated and can’t wait until I own them all.

Rouge d’Armani is the proud winner of Redbook’s “MVP” 2010 awards and rightly so.

400/401 are two stunning Reds and are Citygirl approved!


Saks Fifth Avenue or @Armani