My Perfect Red Pedicure – Dovima by NARS

I’m a little predicable and boring.  I tend to use the same red polish for my pedicures, I’ve tried other fashion colors, like Vamp and other Reds but always go back to Dovima by NARS.

It is the perfect shade, illuminating my soft glowing skin, and works beautifully with my YSL patent leather sandals. Recently I discovered other amazing shades by NARS like China Town and Jungle Red – but believe it or now it’s that shade of Orgasm that has me enthralled!

$18 at Barneys New York

*NARS Nail Polish shades impart incredible luster and prolonged gloss retention with UV protection to prevent polish discoloration. An advanced polymer system provides extended wear and a durable, chip-resistant finish.

Rich Red For April by ELF Cosmetics

I’m a skincare junkie, but my first love was and continues to be Red Lipstick.

One of the things I love to do when visiting my parents in Tracy is visit the local Target.  I never miss the opportunity to walk through the cosmetics department and scour the shelves for affordable beauty products I don’t have.

Rich Red by ELF Cosmetics is a gorgeous shade of red, with you guessed it, a pink undertone.  Red Lipsticks with Pink Undertones work best on Cool Skin Tones, plus this shade of red makes my teeth look pearly white.

The convenient jumbo sized lip pencil creates exact color application and the twist up applicator makes it so that you don’t need a pencil sharpener.  The color is deep, rich and enriched with Vitamin A, C & E.  The formula is hydrating, quenching your lips in Long-lasting beautiful color.

I’ve been receiving compliments while wearing this magnificent shade, isn’t it time you did too?


At Target

Red Lipstick Tips by Oscar Winning Makeup Artist – Michele Burke

Finding Your Perfect Shade of Crimson

After interviewing Oscar Winning Makeup Artist Michele Burke I finally understood the differences with finding the perfect shade of Red – You will either have a warm or cool skin tone – If you’re like me and fall in-between, look at the color of your teeth, do they look pearly white or yellow?  The desired effect is glowing skin and pearly white teeth, choose the red that gives you both.

Michele’s Red Lipstick Tips

Warm skin tones:  Have greenish-blue veins and creamy-white teeth, they look best in Fire engine reds, watermelon, oranges and nectarines.  For pink reds I recommend coral, tangerine, peach or salmon.

Cool skin tones:  Have bluish veins and their teeth are usually blue/white or gray/white they can wear maroon, burgundy, fuchsia or raspberry reds, anything with a pink undertone.

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