Summer Berries – TopShop Makeup

Summer is fast approaching and a more minimal makeup application is required.  No one wants to drench their skin in heavy makeup, or leave lipstick stains on their coffee cups or boyfriends.

I know I don’t, and I’m always on the look out for a one step application that keeps my pout in signature red, even after morning coffee and kisses in the afternoon.

A new chosen favorite is Berry by TopShop.  A rich deep red that can be intensified or worn as a light stain for a more natural effect.

I loved that I was able to line my lips and fill in without blotting.  I applied a little lip balm for more moisture and my lips stayed berrylicious all day.

Berry is for all skin tones, just make sure it works with your pearly whites.

Lip Markers by TopShop are the perfect travel companions this summer, they fit easily in your makeup bag and make touch-ups when necessary easy-peasy.



Parisian Chic – Annabelle, Red Lipstick & a Biroche Bun

Anne-Laure created an adorable character named Annabelle, she’s a true Parisian Beauty – effortless and chic.

French girls know not to take themselves to seriously, and they know how to wear Red Lipstick.

For more Illustrations by Anne-Laure

May’s Reds by Luminess Air

Matador Red by Luminess Air is a blue red that work’s well with both cool and warm tones.  Just don’t forget to check your pearly whites.

Red Alert is a pink red that works beautifully with cool tones, reminds me of cherries ready for picking.

Blaze is a bright orange red that works well with both warm and cool tones.

Choosing the right red can be tricky, always choose the red that works with both your skin tone and pearly whites.

Luminess Air  helps revitalize dry lips with a superior recovery formula infused lipstick. These gorgeous shades compliment all women. The hydrating formula leaves lips shiny ,kissable and hydrated for all day beauty.