Summer Berries – TopShop Makeup

Summer is fast approaching and a more minimal makeup application is required.  No one wants to drench their skin in heavy makeup, or leave lipstick stains on their coffee cups or boyfriends. I know I don’t, and I’m always on the look out for a one step application that keeps my pout in signature red,Continue reading “Summer Berries – TopShop Makeup”

Parisian Chic – Annabelle, Red Lipstick & a Biroche Bun

Anne-Laure created an adorable character named Annabelle, she’s a true Parisian Beauty – effortless and chic. French girls know not to take themselves to seriously, and they know how to wear Red Lipstick. For more Illustrations by Anne-Laure

May’s Reds by Luminess Air

Matador Red by Luminess Air is a blue red that work’s well with both cool and warm tones.  Just don’t forget to check your pearly whites. Red Alert is a pink red that works beautifully with cool tones, reminds me of cherries ready for picking. Blaze is a bright orange red that works well withContinue reading “May’s Reds by Luminess Air”