Classic Red – Satin Luxe Lip Color by Sonia Kashuk

Classic Red by Sonia Kashuk is a richly pigmented lipstick that keeps lips hydrated, soft and you guessed it kissable.

Classic Red is a pink based red that works best with cool tones.

Satin Luxe Lip Color is available in other fashion colors, because Citygirl’s can’t live on Red alone.

Classic Red is a Citygirl favorite!


June’s Perfect Lip Tint – Kimiko Beauty

Have you ever wondered how some girls manage to not get lipstick stains on their coffee cups or boyfriends and yet wear the most irresistible color that last’s all day?

Recently I discovered sheer tint and lip plumper by Kimiko Beauty- the answer to long-wearing and long-lasting lip color.

Kimiko beauty formulates anti-aging cosmetics that double as age appropriate skincare.

The sheer tint leaves behind a ethereal wash of color that can be layered on creating a soft to intense lip.

Pomegranate shown above is for the red lipstick siren who needs the perfect summer red.

This is one Citygirl with a picture perfect pout!


Product Information:

Sheer Tint and Lip Plumper

  • Dehydrated collagen molecules re-hydrate to instantly plump and smooth lips
  • Berry and pomegranate extracts give color and antioxidant protection
  • Hydrates lips and helps increase elasticity, smoothness and production of collagen