Red Lipstick Facts – The Truth About Men & Red Lipstick

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L’Oreal conducted an online poll about Women & Lipstick, and in the process they found out what Men think on the subject of Women & Red Lipstick.

Men really do love red lipstick. Nearly 70% of men polled think that red lipstick is sexy and a sign of success.

Rose-Bud Red by Lucia Pieroni for Clea de Peau

I’m a little late with this new discovery created by Lucia Pieroni for the Rochas Spring 2013 fashion show.

Lucia applied the first layer with R1 and topped off the middle with R2 by Clea De Peau – giving birth to Rose-Bud Red.

This gorgeous shade can be layered on as desired, creating a dewy stain or intense lip.

Better late then never.


For Lip Application

Red Lipstick Quote’s – Sonia Kashuk

Sonia Kashuk on Red Lipstick

Red Lipstick?

Red lipstick serves as a good example of how application can help you achieve multiple looks.  Classic red lipstick is a secret weapon that every woman should have in her makeup bag. The color and tone will brighten the face and completely transform your look. That shock of color will become the focus to make a powerful statement, while still looking super feminine, sophisticated and strong. Keep the rest of the face fresh and allow lips to take center stage, it is all about the power of one! But keep in mind that red doesn’t have to be intense- you can apply it as sheer or opaque as you desire. – Sonia Kashuk

How to Wear Red Lipstick – Special Guest Post by Kim Willington

Red lipstick creates a classic and dramatic look for most women. However, if you don’t wear red lipstick correctly it can cause you to appear older than you really are.  Read further for tips on ‘How to Wear Red Lipstick“.

Choosing the Right Shade:

A red is not just a red. Different shades complement different complexions. If you have a pinkish complexion, you should pick a red that has a plum shade. If you have a complexion with yellow tones, you should choose reds that have a brown base.

Be Age Appropriate:

Bright and bold reds are more suitable for younger women. Those shades can highlight the signs of aging and make women look older than they are. Older women should choose lighter tones that are more flattering.  However there are exceptions.

Tone Down Makeup:

Vibrant red lips do not look good with bold and dramatic eye makeup and blush. Instead, you will look overdone. Wear muted eye makeup and subdued blush.  Let your lipstick make a statement on its own.

Here’s to choosing the right shade of crimson!

*Kim Willington is a freelance writer and researcher for In her spare time, she enjoys antiquing and taking long walks with her retriever, Spencer.