Holiday Red Lipstick Trick With Frank Guyton of Black Opal Beauty

There are not only new formulations of Red, but new lipstick tricks.  Frank Guyton of Black Opal Beauty shares with us “The Red Ombre Lip”.

Frank: Candy Apple, take a brown lip liner like Chocolate by Bobbi Brown and line your lips, making sure to get the corners, blend the lip liner inward to the center of the mouth as the chocolate lip liner tends to be dark, fill in with your red lipstick of choice, blot and dab a sheer lip gloss in the center, this will give you a Candy Apple Red dimensional lip, The Red Ombre Effect.

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Screen Goddess: Maria Felix & Red Lipstick

Maria Felix is by far one of the world’s most beautiful women. She was married 5 times, had Cartier design jewelry for her after her pet crocodiles and had a watch designed for her as homage by Cartier ” La Dona” a title she made famous by playing Dona Barbara and other heroins of the Mexican Golden Era.

Maria Felix was the Mexican version of Rita Hayworth and Joan Crawford, inspiring women all over the world with her independence and Red Lipstick.

Here’s paying homage to a screen legend and Red Lipstick!

Alexa Chung’s Favorite Reds

Three things I always want to know, what literature people are reading, beauty products women use – and their favorite shade of Red Lipstick.

One of my favorite fashion icons, Alexa Chung shared with Life Style Mirror two of her favorite shades of Red.

Russian Red by Mac – a pretty red, I wore this shade while in my twenties and Coronmandel by Chanel, this too used to be in my rotations. What have I learned, that I am on the right path and these two shades are worth revisiting.

Russian Red is a true red and Coronmandel is an orange red, both gorgeous.

Here’s to Red Lipstick!

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Gorgeous Makeup – Crimson Pouts and Healthy Skin

I’m usually against lots of eye-makeup, but not in this particular case. When makeup is applied correctly it can look  beautiful, usually you’re supposed to keep your makeup pallet minimal when wearing a bold red lip, but this just looks stunning. Gorgeous makeup can even make under-eye circles look pretty.

Here’s to well-applied cosmetics!

Marion Cotillard, Dior & Red Lipstick


Doesn’t Marion Cotillard look stunning on the first cover of the New Dior magazine? I just wish I knew what shade of red lipstick she was wearing, simply beautiful.

I just took a quick peek at the New Online Dior magazine and can’t wait to go back when I have more time to play.

For those of you that do, here is the link:

P.s if you happen to find out which shade of Dior Red she’s wearing, please let us know.

Red Lip Pallets This Holiday

I’m not a huge fan of makeup pallets, for starters I am not into wearing eye makeup, but I make the exception when it comes to lip color, especially red lipstick.

For that special beauty junkie in your life, who happens to love red lipstick there are two pallets just in time for the holidays.  Both contain various shades of red, for those of us that prefer a bolder lip to those that prefer a softer shade of crimson.  You can’t go wrong with either of these…

Le Metier de Beaute is available at Neiman Marcus and Serge Lutens is available at Barneys New York.

I wouldn’t mind receiving  either of these this holiday, hint, hint..

3 Winter Styles To Compliment Your Red Lipstick – Special Guest Post by Ruth Margrove

It can be difficult to find an outfit that compliments red lipstick; it’s a fact that vermillion-red might not work with everything.

Some women find wearing  red lipstick intimidating, as getting it wrong can ruin an entire outfit. Luckily, there are some fail-safe styles that will ensure  what you’re wearing on your lips works well with your apparel.

Whether you have pale skin or a more olive-skin tone, the classic little black dress worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s, always look fantastic with red lips. Dresses with polo-necks are great for winter as they are both stylish and warm. Choose a bold, deep red in matte for your lips and accessorize with a great handbag from

Gwen Stefani rocks red lipstick like no other, showing that lighter skin can make red lips really stand out. To imitate her style, look for funky, loose-fitting clothes; maybe animal print, or something a little grungy. Go for a glossy red lipstick with this look, preferably one with lots of shimmer. Select accessories that will draw attention to your lips, Remember, the brighter the better!

The last style which always works with red lips is that of the immortal Marilyn Monroe; she always looked fabulous in white fur, her pale skin and red lips a wonderful contrast. Look for classic glamour in your winter style; maybe try some chandelier earrings to compliment the dazzle of your lips. When wearing this style opt for coral red lipstick and steer away from any pink tones.

Red lipstick is a style classic. With the right shade, and outfit, the overall look can be really powerful. Think about which style matches your current look and skin tone before finding a red lipstick to match.

*Ruth Margrove is a fashion blogger and beauty lover from Bristol, UK. She has a keen eye for style and loves to look glamorous in any shade of red lipstick.

November’s Red – Raven by Hourglass

Walking to the Kabuki theater the other day, we stopped by one of our favorite French Bakeries and I met two of the most adorable little girls wearing red lipstick.  They looked so sweet with their bright red lips and bakers uniform, I had to ask what shade they were wearing and to my delight they whipped out-of-their pockets a little tube of raven by Hourglass.

I’ve been obsessed and madly in love ever since…

Opaque Rouge by Hourglass is a long-wearing and long-lasting liquid lipstick that glides on effortlessly, the pigment is rich and moisturizing for all day gorgeous color.

Raven is an orange-red and works well on most skin tones.

Isn’t it time you fell madly in love?