Special Guest Post: LIPS: The 10 Secrets for a Perfect Pout by Sylvie

Photo via leonessdesigns.blogspot.com
Photo via leonessdesigns.blogspot.com
  1. Color clings better to a smooth surface, exfoliate lips once a week.
  2. Lip liner should never, ever be visible.
  3. A base layer of waxy balm can keep gloss from going MIA.
  4. Your lipstick should coordinate with your skin color, not your outfit.
  5. The most natural-looking lipstick is close to your own lip color, just glossier and a bit deeper.
  6. Nude lipstick looks deadly unless it`s topped with gloss or balm.
  7. There truly is a red for everyone.
  8. If you are going to wear dark lipstick, be prepared for touch-ups.
  9. Major lipstick calls for minimal eye makeup.
  10. Combine a rosy pink lipstick with a dab of gloss at the center of the lower lip to make the mouth look bigger.

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Madonna’s Red – Aqua Rouge #8 by Make Up Forever

Madonna's RED

Scouring the web for New Red Lipstick I haven’t heard of is thrilling, recently I found the shade of red Madonna wore during her MDNA world tour.

Make Up Forever is known for their deep, rich and gorgeous colors, Aqua Rouge #8 is no exception and it’s the next shade of Crimson I’m shopping for, are you?

For More on Madonna’s Red Lip and Makeup by Gina Brook @Hollywoodlife.com

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 2

Photo Via Style.com

There are many luxurious gifts available and there doesn’t need to be a holiday for a little self-love. These are two items you can bestow upon yourself or a loved one….

Most of you have heard of Olympia Le-Tan, a handbag designer with a niche in favorite novel-inspired clutches. Recently she’s partnered with Lancome to create an adorable Gift Set housing a gorgeous array of lipsticks and nail polishes for all occasions, as if we needed one? $1,500.00. There is a waiting list.

Another fashion essential is Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange, a true guide to Parisian Fashion. This little book serves as a guide around Paris, where you will find the best places for lunch, a quick drink and shopping. Plus the pictures are inspiring, you’re going to want one of everything! $17.41 @Amazon.com

 Photo Via blog.lilacfashion.com
Photo Via blog.lilacfashion.com

Blazing Red by Dior


It’s been awhile since a red lipstick caused heart papuations and then I met Blazing Red by Dior. The shade is an orange based red, the pigment is matte and the texture moisturizing.
I tried on at least 10 different shades of red until I fell madly in-love.

Looks like I’ll be content until the next quest for the perfect shade of red continues…

Here’s to Blazing Red!

Valentine’s Day Gifts – You’re Going to Love!



candle_aedesI love items that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, Frederic Malle’s book on perfume making makes a great read and gives an insight into the world of perfume. Plus it is a great addition to your book collection.


napoleon1I’m a huge fan if red lipstick and this candle will make a great makeup brush holder once the candle burns-out.

AEDES DE VENUSTAS was discovered early on due to my sister Wendy, she’s a fragrance person and has been ordering items from them for years, I love the regal colors of the candle.

I’m an admirer of Napoleon, with both of us sharing the same birthday with Ben Afleck.  This would make a great addition to my Napoleonic memorabilia.

I saw these candles and wanted to die, they would look amazing on my mantel, hint, hint anyone?

Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Prices and Shopping @aedes.com

or at Barneys New York

Ultimate Red Lipstick Tutorial with Lisa Eldridge


I’m a huge fan of Elle UK’s beauty section, checking it daily for new information and one of my favorite makeup artists Lisa Eldridge(Elle’s resident makeup artist) created a Red Lipstick tutorial that will help you apply our favorite shade of lipstick like a professional.

*”I adore red lips and believe everyone can look fabulous in red lipstick, its just a case of finding the right shade and texture for you. Here is a guide to the various types of shades and textures available along with tips on how to wear them and which skintones they best flatter. Hope you find this video helpful! X” – Lisa Eldridge

For the Video Tutorial Click. For more makeup tricks & Tips @LisaEldridge.com

Red Lipstick Quote’s – Danielle Vincent of Kimiko Beauty

 Red Lipstick?

“It’s a classic look, when done properly it’s beautiful.  If you go bold with red, please be light-handed with the eyes.  I find a red lip looks best paired with clean, flawless skin, and just a slight touch of blush, to bring back the dimension. Add perfectly defined brows, a minimal and well blended black or dark brown liner (barely visible) and neatly-applied mascara.  A fresh take on a red lip is our Sheer Tint and Lip Plumper in Pomegranate; because it’s a tint, the color depth is buildable plus it will not budge once applied.  It’s always a little awkward to have to tell someone their red lipstick is all over their teeth.”  – Danielle Vincent of Kimiko Beauty

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