Special Guest Post: LIPS: The 10 Secrets for a Perfect Pout by Sylvie

Color clings better to a smooth surface, exfoliate lips once a week. Lip liner should never, ever be visible. A base layer of waxy balm can keep gloss from going MIA. Your lipstick should coordinate with your skin color, not your outfit. The most natural-looking lipstick is close to your own lip color, just glossierContinue reading “Special Guest Post: LIPS: The 10 Secrets for a Perfect Pout by Sylvie”

Madonna’s Red – Aqua Rouge #8 by Make Up Forever

Scouring the web for New Red Lipstick I haven’t heard of is thrilling, recently I found the shade of red Madonna wore during her MDNA world tour. Make Up Forever is known for their deep, rich and gorgeous colors, Aqua Rouge #8 is no exception and it’s the next shade of Crimson I’m shopping for,Continue reading “Madonna’s Red – Aqua Rouge #8 by Make Up Forever”

Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 2

There are many luxurious gifts available and there doesn’t need to be a holiday for a little self-love. These are two items you can bestow upon yourself or a loved one…. Most of you have heard of Olympia Le-Tan, a handbag designer with a niche in favorite novel-inspired clutches. Recently she’s partnered with Lancome toContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gifts – Part 2”

Blazing Red by Dior

It’s been awhile since a red lipstick caused heart papuations and then I met Blazing Red by Dior. The shade is an orange based red, the pigment is matte and the texture moisturizing. I tried on at least 10 different shades of red until I fell madly in-love. Looks like I’ll be content until theContinue reading “Blazing Red by Dior”

Valentine’s Day Gifts – You’re Going to Love!

I love items that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, Frederic Malle’s book on perfume making makes a great read and gives an insight into the world of perfume. Plus it is a great addition to your book collection. I’m a huge fan if red lipstick and this candle will make a great makeup brushContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Gifts – You’re Going to Love!”

Red Lips by Peony Lim

I Love finding new fashion inspired blogs, especially when the blog involves Red Lipstick.  I recently came across Peony Lim’s blog @Peonylim.blogspot.com and her adorable video tutorial at Kay Montano.com. For more about peony Lim @Beautegazette.com. Here’s to Peony and Red lipstick!

Ultimate Red Lipstick Tutorial with Lisa Eldridge

I’m a huge fan of Elle UK’s beauty section, checking it daily for new information and one of my favorite makeup artists Lisa Eldridge(Elle’s resident makeup artist) created a Red Lipstick tutorial that will help you apply our favorite shade of lipstick like a professional. *”I adore red lips and believe everyone can look fabulousContinue reading “Ultimate Red Lipstick Tutorial with Lisa Eldridge”

Red Carpet Manicure – Lady is a Tramp by Deborah Lippmann

For the 2013 Golden Globes Rachel Weisz besides sporting the best-arm-candy chose a gorgeous red polish by Deborah Lippmann ” Lady is a Tramp”.  The look is considered the new neutral. Here’s to gorgeous red nails!

Red Lipstick Quote’s – Danielle Vincent of Kimiko Beauty

 Red Lipstick? “It’s a classic look, when done properly it’s beautiful.  If you go bold with red, please be light-handed with the eyes.  I find a red lip looks best paired with clean, flawless skin, and just a slight touch of blush, to bring back the dimension. Add perfectly defined brows, a minimal and well blendedContinue reading “Red Lipstick Quote’s – Danielle Vincent of Kimiko Beauty”

City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Nora Crotty, Fashionista.com

Fashionista.com is one of my favorite blogs because they write about various topics ranging from beauty and fashion to culture and juicy insider information. Recently I read an article by Nora Crotty and thought it was adorable – Nora is wearing Deeply Adored by Mac for the Marilyn Monroe Collection and She’s a City GirlContinue reading “City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Nora Crotty, Fashionista.com”