City Girl in Red Lipstick – Princess Margaret

I’ve always been a fan of Princess Margaret, she’s just so beautiful and stylish.  Trivia, she’s the one that helped place Christian Dior on the map, being the youngest daughter afforded her the luxury of dressing for herself and not the world, and yet the world of stylish women followed suit. She also knew howContinue reading “City Girl in Red Lipstick – Princess Margaret”

Jane Austen – My Favorite Author

Although I know this post has nothing to do with crimson pouts, but all to do with my favorite author of all-time.  Ladies if you haven’t read Pride & Prejudice, than you’re missing out. I’ve been in-love with Mr. Darcy since I was 11 years old and discovered the original BBC series on Master PieceContinue reading “Jane Austen – My Favorite Author”

There’s a New Red in Town – Caprice by Lancôme

The only drawback is that it won’t be available until August 13, 2013. Another drawback is that it might only be available in France for the time being, so don’t forget to check out the new collection and if you are lucky enough to see it in person, let me know! For the story onContinue reading “There’s a New Red in Town – Caprice by Lancôme”

Red Lipstick Quotes – Sunday Riley

A skincare collection that should be included in any skincare regimen is Sunday Riley, after 5 days of continuous use, you will be carded, trust me. An article that I stumbled upon during my internet searches, was an interview with Sunday herself and here is what she had to say about Red lipstick. “I alwaysContinue reading “Red Lipstick Quotes – Sunday Riley”

Lady In Red – Cameron Diaz

I love Cameron Diaz, I actually almost met her once, a long-time ago by like 30 minutes. I was managing a clothing store and was sent to the LA location and when I arrived the sales girl told me that I had just missed Cameron and my only questions were, what was she wearing, whatContinue reading “Lady In Red – Cameron Diaz”

Miranda’s New Favorite Red Lipstick – China Beach by Le Metier De Beaute

It’s no secret that I’ve been girl-crushing on Miranda Kerr and want whatever she’s having, from vitamins, skincare and red lipstick. My delight this morning was reading Miranda’s Topshelf on, and finding out she had a new favorite red lipstick she discovered on China Beach looks like a bright pink-red that would workContinue reading “Miranda’s New Favorite Red Lipstick – China Beach by Le Metier De Beaute”

Lipstick Trio – Tre’s Chic

Every Parisian knows that a lipstick wardrobe is not complete without a nude and pink lip, because every Citygirl knows she can’t live on red alone; including me. However I have yet to discover my perfect nude lip but on my next visit to Neiman Marcus I am going to have to check out thisContinue reading “Lipstick Trio – Tre’s Chic”