A Red to Consider – Stalker by Lip Tar

rita-ora-promo_thelavalizardFlipping through the pages of my favorite magazines, I stumbled upon a section dedicated to the beauty products celebrities use when they’re off-duty.

ltstalker_0Not only does Rita Ora wear crimson pouts for photo shoots and red carpet events, but she wears Stalker by Lip Tar when she’s going-at-it-alone.

Look’s like I’m going to have to visit Sephora.

Mac & Rihanna

via Graziadaily.co.uk
via Graziadaily.co.uk

This shade of  crimson looks mighty-pretty, I have not bought Mac since I was in my twenties and was tempted when Lady Danger first came out, perhaps I’ll visit or put myself on the waiting list for this delectable shade.

The collection is available in December….


My Two New Hues….

downloadI finally walked into the Nars boutique on Fillmore Street to try on Dragon Girl and walked out with Mysterious Red and Dragon Girl.

I am in-love! Both shades are deep, long-lasting and do not dry out your lips throughout the day, actually you may not even have to reapply.

Now I’m thinking about Lumiere another red/pink shade that I can’t seem to get out of my head. However I don’t need lipstick like I need a hole-in-my-head, but you know me, if not today then this weekend for sure.

Here’s to Nars!



Maraschino Cherry by Make

via Barneys New York
via Barneys New York

These days I’ll try almost any red, seems I’ve been bored with my current rotations and jumped on the opportunity to apply this delectable hue of crimson.

Maraschino Cherry by Make is one of the new cutting-edge makeup brands at Barneys, plus at $25 a pop makes it an affordable luxury.

The silky smooth texture lasted all day, lips stayed hydrated and picture-pretty all afternoon.

There are various shades, I might just try pink or a nude next time I’m there…


Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Red & Blue

maggie-gyllenhaal-400x500-872258In the most recent issue of Lucky magazine Maggie Gyllenhaal shares her must-have beauty secrets, and they include red lipstick and a gorgeous blue mascara I didn’t know about.

a66394ac968134d6788d9db26ac60561Her go-to reds: Yves Saint Laurent Red Muse and Laura Mercier’s Seduction.  Two shades I will have to investigate on my next trip to Union Square.  However the item that has me in suspense is her choice of blue mascara, Terrybly by Terry.

Lucky Magazine, November 2013, page 94


Here’s to blue mascara!