City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Jillian Mercado, Fashion Blogger, Executive Editorial Director for WeTheUrban Magazine

jillian-mercado-600x450Even when Jillian Mercado is not modeling or attending fashion shows and just staying in she can be counted on to wear her favorite shade of crimson.

“The reason why I love red lipstick is not only because it makes you look sexy but for me it gives me a level of confidence and determination. Its some sort of power red lipstick has on me, it’s like I can rule the world! 

Courtesy of Jillian Mercado
Courtesy of Jillian Mercado
Other then lining your lips before putting any lipstick on, I find that buying Matte lipsticks work best, they don’t smudge and last longer.- Jillian Mercado, Fashion Blogger, Executive Editorial Director for WeTheUrban Magazine

This is one fearless City Girl in Red Lipstick!

City Girl in Red Lipstick, New York – Angie Pontani, Burlesque Dancer, Choreographer, Producer, and Costumer

Courtesy of Angie Pontani
Courtesy of Angie Pontani

Red Lipstick is a favorite among various women around the globe, the list includes Queens, Princesses, Diplomats, Actresses, Singers and Burlesque Dancers, i.e Dita Von Teese and Angie Pontani.

Many of you may have heard of Angie Pontani, burlesque dancer extraordinaire.  She graciously shared with us her favorite shades of crimson and a video of her recent performance. Sit back and enjoy, because if you haven’t thought about burlesque dancing this video will inspire you!

“I love Nars Red lipstick as my go-to shade. I think it works well with my skin-tone and wears great! No clumping, no slipping, sliding or fading. The color holds true for hours.

But, I have a lot of Reds in my lipstick arsenal. I love orange reds like MAC’s So Chaud and RED Burlesque’s Melody Mangler. And I love a pure tomato red like Chanel’s Pirate.

I’m a woman obsessed, I’m rarely not wearing red, I feel like my face or outfit is never complete with out it. It’s the perfect final touch.  When I first started wearing make-up beyond lip gloss at 17, I remember raiding the Max Factor aisle at Duane Reade and filling my cart with red lipstick’s.  I grew up watching old MGM Technicolor musicals and listening to the likes of the Rat Pack.

My image of female beauty and ultimate glamor were women like Rita Hayworth, Carmen Miranda and Ava Garnder.  Even if the movie was in black and white, you KNEW they were wearing red lipstick. My teen-age shopping spree at Duane Reade really signified me becoming the woman I wanted to be.  I was on my own for the first time so I slapped on some red lipstick and set out in the big apple! I’m still doing that today.” –  Angie Pontani.

Angie Pontani is wearing Nars Red Lizard and she’s a City Girl in Red Lipstick!

Enjoy the video:

Would You Leave Behind Your Red Lip?

via Harper's
via Harper’s

I just stumbled upon an interesting read and it sort of hit home.  Some of you know that I’ve been playing around with nudes and pinks lately, with the fact that I actually found certain shades that actually work with my complexion.

But have I left my favorite shades of crimson behind, NO!

But in case you want something to read, this works.

There’s a New Shade of Pink in Town

L403_shop_mainI’ve always been drawn to pink, but tend to stay away from it since my mother dressed me in pink throughout my childhood.  Those of you that read my blog know that I recently found my perfect shade of baby doll pink, mainly a bubble gum pink.

I had another pink from the New Hot Lips collection by ELLIS FAAS and I love it too!

L403 is more of an orchid pink shade, brighter and bright enough to perk up my skin from a poor nights rest.

Here’s to a brighter pout this Winter!


Beauty Inside Tip via Net-A-Porter

imagesLearning new tips & tricks never goes out of style and if you don’t read Net-A-Porter’s stylish online magazine then your missing out.  I love it and read every new edition and always walk away inspired.

“Be wary of layering lipstick; the more moisture you put on top, the more it breaks down the pigment and fades color.”

For more

I found my Pink on ELLIS FAAS Hill

L408_shop_mainI purged my lipsticks before the new year began and only kept the shades I knew I was going to wear, again-and-again.

I found my Nude shade several months ago and right before the holiday’s ended my current shade of pink appeared, I am obsessed with the idea that I now have a go-to nude and pink, alas red will always be my true-love.



All Hot Lips by ELLIS FAAS are formulated using a revolutionary texture,  meaning the pigment is intense, long-wearing and a little goes a long way.  I love that you can layer the color by applying more once the initial shade dries, the color fades throughout the day and I never have to reapply.

And another plus it looks great with my black & blue mascara.


P.s I have another Hot Lips Pink to try, stay tuned!