Scarlett Woman – Keri Russell

via Tina Turnbow
via Tina Turnbow

Discovering new shades of crimson is what we are all about here, with the exception of some illuminating pinks and nudes.

Leave it to celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow to create yet another flawless makeup application.

Here we see the lovely Kerri Russell at the Writers Guild Awards sporting another gorgeous hue:  Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in “BANG”.

This luscious shade looks like an orange red, but none the less, isn’t it lovely?

Lea Seydoux – Marie Claire Britain

LeaSeydouxMy obsession with European magazines has not been  abated and recently during one of my media excursions I came across an article featuring Lea Seydoux for Marie Claire Britain. .

I admit, this interview threw me off a little  as she say’s that men in reality don’t like women wearing red lipstick and that she wears it on dates where she knows she won’t be doing any passionate kissing.

What’s your take?

A World of Pinks and Nudes – Senna Cosmetics

photosennaSince I found a few pinks and nudes I’ve become obsessed with finding more to include in my rotations.

These three lovely shades are from Senna Cosmetics.

1. Affair

2. Posey 3.

Pink Lady

All Senna Cosmetics are formulated using quality ingredients and the colors are gorgeous for long-lasting power. Lips stay moist and kissable all afternoon. $20