On My Wish List – Brazilian Jewels

My sister Wendy and I have been fashion magazine and catalog junkies since we were in our teens, with our favorite magazines being the European versions like British Elle, Paris Vogue etc. Why? Because they are ahead of whatever is going on around here, including beauty, music, literature, film and jewelery. Wendy is a jeweleryContinue reading “On My Wish List – Brazilian Jewels”

SPOTLITE – Illuminating Your Best Features

Need help illuminating your best features during your makeup application? I know I do and recently discovered this great makeup mirror that will help us all achieve the makeup application of our dreams, especially our favorite shades of crimson. How to Access *BARE Studio is launching a Kickstarter campaign to gain the-funds necessary to beginContinue reading “SPOTLITE – Illuminating Your Best Features”

New Lifestyle Photo – Innarah Skincare

I never realized until now that I love, love lifestyle photos.  Cindy Chen of Cindychen.com.au is an amazing lifestyle photographer and just posted this gorgeous photo to her blog. What makes this photo so special, I actually work the social media aspect of this amazing line and love this photo, she’s so talented. Thank youContinue reading “New Lifestyle Photo – Innarah Skincare”

Red Lipstick To Consider – Hollywood by Laura Mercier

Zoe Saldana is a fan of our favorite hue and loves Hollywood by Laura Mercier: This is something we’re going to have to check out. *Her biggest splurge: “Red lipstick! I’m picky—my lips aren’t that big, but they aren’t thin, either. When I wear red lipstick, I don’t like [anything] that dries or chaps yourContinue reading “Red Lipstick To Consider – Hollywood by Laura Mercier”

Rita Ora’s Magic Lip Sealer – Lipcote

Finding inspiration is endless when you’re surfing the net and visiting all of your favorite blogs. I just found this via style.com, in their Beauty Essentials with Rita Ora: “I’m always, always applying [red lipstick]. There’s this thing you can buy, actually, it’s like a see-through [top coat] you put on your lips, which stingsContinue reading “Rita Ora’s Magic Lip Sealer – Lipcote”