On My Wish List – Brazilian Jewels

SJP Vogue

My sister Wendy and I have been fashion magazine and catalog junkies since we were in our teens, with our favorite magazines being the European versions like British Elle, Paris Vogue etc.

Why? Because they are ahead of whatever is going on around here, including beauty, music, literature, film and jewelery.


Wendy is a jewelery aficionado and receives all of the jewelery catalogs from H.Stern, Pommaleto etc.

We sometimes play a game by choosing which items we would love to receive as gifts.  This is how I discovered the Brazilian Jewels by H.Stern, they are referred to as Brazilian Jewels because they are mined there.


If you don’t know what type of necklace this is, just look at Anna Wintour or SJP.


I’ve been dying to buy a strand and know that there is a luxury store in England that sells them by the strand for like about $1500 depending on the size and stone. But I’ll have to go back and look at the December magazines again.

However if that’s not within your budget you can pick one up from J.Crew.

I love how Anna wears multiple strands and how SJP is wearing hers under her sweater with a strand of pearls.

What do you guys think?

A Red Lipstick to Consider – Rouge Infusion by Sephora.

via bloodisthenewblack.fr
via bloodisthenewblack.fr

I don’t know the name of it yet, just discovered over at Elle Spain and love it!  It looks like a combination lipstain and matte lipstick.

It’s definitelytranspa on my list.

For more @Elle.es

The Chyc Cabas by YSL

yves-saint-laurent-cabas-chyc-bagI know this handbag came out in 2011, but I just noticed it on the world-wide web and I am in love.

I’m a huge YSL Handbag fan, it’s the only handbag brand acceptable to buy on sale, why? Because YSL never goes out of style, it’s endlessly chic.

My style used to be Pacific Heights Boho, but after purchasing my first YSL Muse my wardrobe became a more urban mix, now I wear my tunics etc on hot summer days or tropical vacations.


The great news is that the Chyc Cabas is still available on Ebay and possibly the YSL Outlet.

What do you guys think?


SPOTLITE – Illuminating Your Best Features

png;base642b4c89fbfe79cb10Need help illuminating your best features during your makeup application? I know I do and recently discovered this great makeup mirror that will help us all achieve the makeup application of our dreams, especially our favorite shades of crimson.

How to Access

*BARE Studio is launching a Kickstarter campaign to gain the-funds necessary to begin manufacturing SPOTLITE on a large scale. The campaign begins June 3, 2014, and will run to July 3rd. SPOTLITE will only receive funding if backers collectively donate GBP 28,600 (around $46K). Backers who fund the project will receive the first production of SPOTLITEs by November 2014.

So ladies, any bit of a contribution will help.

Please visit: www.thespotlitecollection.com

Isn’t it time you had a moment of clarity?

Memorial Day Weekend


Thank goodness San Francisco is a foodie town, with new restaurants opening up weekly, there is always a new place to visit and discover.

Besides spending part of my Memorial Day weekend with my boyfriend, Mark.  I became obsessed with sandwiches from 4505 Burgers & BBQ, Iron Side and  Bun Mee.

I was starving when I was at 4505 and forgot to take a picture of my burger, and the same thing happened when Mark took me to dinner  and we ordered the Po’boy fried shrimp sandwich at Iron Side. Both places served  soul-food cuisine, and everything was free-ranged or farm-to-table.

photo-3Since I found myself alone part of the three-day weekend I finally took myself out to Bun Mee, a Vietnamese Sandwich shop, and because of the three-day weekend it wasn’t packed.

I ordered the steak sandwich and sweet potatoe fries. I loved it!

Afterwards I took myself to see Neighbors with Seth Rogen and Zac Efron.  A very funny movie that also featured Dave Franco.

So, what did you guys do?



New Lifestyle Photo – Innarah Skincare

Courtesy of Cindy Chen.com.au
Courtesy of Cindy Chen.com.au

I never realized until now that I love, love lifestyle photos.  Cindy Chen of Cindychen.com.au is an amazing lifestyle photographer and just posted this gorgeous photo to her blog.

What makes this photo so special, I actually work the social media aspect of this amazing line and love this photo, she’s so talented.

Thank you Cindy!


Red Lipstick To Consider – Hollywood by Laura Mercier

via Style.com
via Style.com

Zoe Saldana is a fan of our favorite hue and loves Hollywood by Laura Mercier: This is something we’re going to have to check out.

*Her biggest splurge: “Red lipstick! I’m picky—my lips aren’t that big, but they aren’t thin, either. When I wear red lipstick, I don’t like [anything] that dries or chaps your lips.” – Zoe Saldana via Style.com

for full interview @style.com

Rita Ora’s Magic Lip Sealer – Lipcote

via style.com
via style.com

Finding inspiration is endless when you’re surfing the net and visiting all of your favorite blogs.

I just found this via style.com, in their Beauty Essentials with Rita Ora:

“I’m always, always applying [red lipstick]. There’s this thing you can buy, actually, it’s like a see-through [top coat] you put on your lips, which stings for about a second, but it keeps the lipstick on without any smudging.” – Rita Ora, via Style.com

For the full interview @style.com