Pretty In Pink – YSL Beaute Kiss & Blush

product-1I know, I know it’s pink, but isn’t it pretty? I saw this and fell head over heals over the color.

Now that I’ve seen it, I’m going to have to visit the YSL counter and investigate the rest of the shades.

Especially if I can wear it as a lip product. This shade would look pretty on my cheeks though.


French Kiss in Tatiana By Votre Vu

image001Once again celebrity makeup artist Tina Turnbow teamed up with Kerri Russel for a red carpet appearance in San Francisco last evening, for The Planet of The Apes movie premier.


She used a combination of Juara Skincare and Votre Vu cosmetics.

I’m loving Kerri’s classic beauty and that shade of crimson.

Tina applied French Kiss in Tatiana  by Votre Vu and doesn’t it look lovely?


There’s a New Red in Town – New Tango Red by Besame Cosmetics

Tango Red lipstickWhen I first turned this blog into an only red lipstick blog a few years ago I mentioned the whole collection by Besame Cosmetics.

I want to point out that Red lipstick isn’t just retro-glam, it’s a timeless classic that works with all skin tones etc.  You just have to find the right shade that works for you and your pearly whites.

I go through phases where I wear a pink-red or an orange-red lipstick and since it’s summer I just may have to put away my Jungle Red by Nars and start wearing The New Tango Red by Besame Cosmetics.

Isn’t it pretty?

Haircare Secrets – Leonor Greyl


I know Ashley Green isn’t wearing red lipstick, but just look at her hair?  Not a frizz in sight, it’s smooth, sleek and chic.

She has my hair.  The great news is that her stylist, Richard Collins  used Leonor Greyl to achieve this effortless style. And you’re not going to believe this, but only three products were applied, this is the technique.

“Next, I took Leonor Greyl’s Éclat Naturel, massaged it into my hands, and using my palms smoothed the product on the top of her hair and along the bang area going across the front of her face.  This styling cream has a bit of shine to it, which is really nice, and exactly what I wanted.

To set the look, I sprayed the Laque Souple on a toothbrush and smoothed down any flyaways along her hairline and around the ear.

Lastly, to finish the look, I took some Éclat Naturel on my fingers and ran it through the hair around her face, concentrating on the ends and piecing it through a little bit, but made sure it wasn’t too saturated.  This kept the look shiny, instead of greasy.” – Richard Collins.

Doesn’t she look lovely?

Beauty Fluids – Caudalie

caudalieNo one wakes up with glowing skin every morning, we have to account for travel, late nights accidental dehydration, climate change and the list goes on and on.

What do I use in the event of a skin emergency? I pull out my Caudalie beauty fluids.  They really aren’t called that, but it’s the name I use for them because they give me back my glowing skin every time.

1. VinoPerfect Day Cream SPF15

2. VinoExpert Radiance Day Fluid SPF15

3. Teint Divin Tinted Moisturizer

4. VinoSource S.O.S Morning Eye Rescue

I can’t say which is my favorite, but I can say that they work and smell delicious.

isn’t it time we had a little help?

Taming Frizzy Hair – Rene Furterer

LisseI’m obsessed with taming my frizzy hair, I’ll try anything and find that using the same haircare products on a daily basis doesn’t mean they will always work the way you want them to.

In other words I found various haircare products that work, I add them into my rotations and use them when the current item I’m using out-wears it’s welcome.  Basically ladies, you have to rotate your beauty products to benefit the most by them.

One item I found that helps with the frizz is the Lissea Thermal Protectant Smoothing Spray by Rene Furterer.

I mist my long precious locks before applying my volumizing mousse and my frizzies are cut down to a minimum.

Rene Furterer is serious haircare that began as a treatment for problematic hair, it’s chemical free and good for you.

Isn’t it time you switched up your A game?

Miranda Kerr’s New Crimson Love – Instagram

article-2315445-1980D033000005DC-293_634x775I was left memorized, speechless and in love all at the same time.

I checked my instagram account today, I’ve been MIA for the past few days and saw the most amazing shade of crimson on Miranda Kerr.

Too bad I can’t save the image, it’s not available yet, but you can log on to instagram and see it, it was posted yesterday.

f61d65b283e6d51e220543fbe9fa480eHer makeup artist, whoever it was did an amazing job, the whole application was flawless and had me salivating over that particular shade of red.

It looks something like this, but I can’t be sure.

I love how she looks equally chic dressed casually as well as red carpet ready.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Being an “IT” Girl with “IT” Cosmetics

ItCosmeticsI never set out to become an “IT” girl, it just happened. I first fell in love with the Brow Power eye pencil, the color is universal and doesn’t come off until you take it off.  I love that eye brow pencil so much that I recommend it to everyone and it’s one of the few makeup essentials I hoard.

Other items I love are their Tight Line Mascara, Bye Bye Pores powder and the Bye Bye Redness concealer that delivers it’s promise.

Right now they are offering a 5 piece gift set on QVC that includes my two favorites and new additions that I haven’t been able to put down.

The New CC+ Radiance Palette comes with three shades of colors that help accentuate our best features and their New reformulated Bye Bye Under Eye concealer that really does make you look like you got in your 8 hours of beauty sleep.

Save the date: June 21, 2014

Time: Starts at Midnight

QVC: 1-800-345-1515

isn’t it time you were ready for Summer?


Red & Blue

b0aaf3e0-ef8b-46fe-b6b8-4d22ea72d09cYou know which colored mascara looks great with your favorite shade of crimson?

A bright cornflower blue, in this case it’s my favorite by Butter London.

I apply Inky Six to the tips of my lashes once I am done applying the first layers of my black mascara.


I end up looking more Parisian Chic and feel a lot better about myself.

Have you tried blue mascara yet?