Red Lipstick in Fashion

FullSizeRender-4Over the weekend my sister Wendy and I poured over all the European fashion magazines while we sipped iced tea.

UKBazaarThis was a ritual we began as teens and it’s something nice that we enjoy doing together.

I photographed various articles and pictures that I liked and the one element they all have in common?

FullSizeRender-3Red Lipstick, it’s a beauty staple and ladies it’s here to stay!

I love articles that continue to cover the obsession women have with crimson pouts, seems European women embrace our favorite hue more so than our American counter-parts.

Oh, well!


The Perfect Nude – Naked by Votre Vu

admin-ajax.phpSometimes it’s hard to find the perfect lip liner for your chosen shade of crimson, it’s either a matching shade or a nude.

I have various of each, but for one reason or another they don’t end up working the way I want.

I recently went out and bought a new red from Nars, Carmen to be exact.

My friend Dalia tried to steer me away from that color and now after wearing it a few days I realize that she was right.  The formula has a lot of black in it, wearing it with another red lip liner doesn’t help.

How did I salvage my new crimson hue?  I used Votre Vu’s  Dramatic Lip Liner in Naked as my lip liner and ladies I couldn’t be happier. The nude cut into the black and now my lips take on the hue I fell in love with.

My advice, if you’re looking for the perfect nude lip liner that literally works with everything you’re going to want to try this.  A plus is that it’s organic, so it’s good for you too.  I also love the packaging and that there are refills available.


A Red Lipstick To Consider – Under Age Red by Kat Von D


Well, I can’t say I have ever been a fan of Kat Von D.  However she does know how to create glorious color.  She recently launched a lipstick collection that includes 7 shades of red and colors we never imagined existed.


Looking at the jpgs on‘s post makes me want to walk into sephora to not only check out Under Age Red, but those pinks and nudes too.

I can’t say I would ever wear violet or navy but they sure look pretty.

What do you think?


Gucci’s Iconic Red lipstick

www.vogue.comSince I saw Charlotte Casiraghi  at the Gucci Summer 2014 I’ve wondered about her glorious shade of crimson.

Today over at Vogue there is an interview with her and she tells us what shade she was wearing and ladies, I have a feeling it’s going to be worth it.

10653502_818813621483171_7604061223431739349_nRight now, I think it’s only available through, and it’s $39, which for Gucci is reasonable.

For the interview

P.S There is a complete makeup collection available and I heard the packaging and quality was amazing.

Charlotte Casiraghi Glows in Red At Gucci

10653502_818813621483171_7604061223431739349_nCharlotte Casiraghi just glowed at the recent Gucci Summer 2014 Fashion Show.  She made every other woman look dead in comparison.

I thought about posting those pictures, but felt why embarrass everyone else, no need.

This princess proves that a crimson pout is the perfect accessory  to beautiful healthy skin and a little black dress.

Isn’t she lovely?

My Makeup Routine

photo-1Since the Skin Veil from Ellis Faas landed in my lap I’ve been unable to put it down, why? Because it’s the closest foundation I’ve tried that actually mimics my skin tone.

It’s natural looking in a way that doesn’t look like I’m wearing makeup.  You may be asking yourself how can this be? It doesn’t look like I have piles of foundation and powder caked on my face, yet my skin is luminous and my imperfections are concealed without artifice.

Ellis Faas mascara is another beauty tool that enhances your natural lashes without looking like you’re trying too hard.

Naturally I’m also in love with MAKE, they make the most amazing Glossing Powder that leaves your skin glowing even  more if that’s possible.

And last but not least I am addicted to my Brow Powder eyebrow pencil by iT Cosmetics, it’s not only natural looking, but it doesn’t come off until you take it off.

Ladies, this was just my canvas, this doesn’t include my skincare regimen or my red lipstick.

What beauty items are you currently using?