Reds to Consider by Nars


I found three new reds to consider, after all a girl can never have too many.


The New Audacious collection by Nars has a hue for everyone, there are nudes, reds and every color you can imagine.


I found these three and once I’m at my Neighborhood Nars on Fillmore Street I’ll even consider the nudes.

Which do you recommend?

Love, Love, Love

AudreyI just fell in-love with this lifestyle photo over at today.

This is what I am trying for my daily uniforms to look like.  Living in San Francisco, we are laid-back casual, we tend to wear stealth pieces for everyday and that means a great pair of jeans, great shoes etc, we don’t get all decked out without a reason and our core-being say’s it all.  Grooming is essential and run-around chic is it.

Isn’t it lovely?


matching-redWhy oh why do people keep equating wearing red lipstick and matching your manicure as retro-glam? It’s not, it’s just chic and timeless.

Crimson Lips and matching nails is just good taste, period. It’s not a fad that comes and goes, the only reason why my tips aren’t red is because if I chip a nail I’ll freak out, after all I’m not 6 anymore.

I can assure you that my pedicure is always red, and my pout usually is too.

How about you?

For the story

Matches Fashion – The Style Report

candice-lake-img-1I love, love discovering new fashion and beauty blogs that have a magazine layout.  It makes it more inspirational and they have better articles.  I’m into content and want to learn, and know what other women are using and wearing. is one of those fashion websites that offer not only current trend information, but also cover beauty and everything in-between.  I find out about other cool fashion blogs that way and get to read interviews with women that I admire i.e Candace Lake.

Do you have any favorite fashion blogs?

City Girl in Red Lipstick – New York, Joanna Hillman, Fashion Editor Harper’s Bazaar

Joanna+Hillman+gPh3lolKqgzmMind you I don’t know Joanna, but she’s one of the women I have a girl crush on.  As a matter of fact one of her jpgs is on my inspiration board.

This morning the Coveteur shared a video with us on Joanna’s signature red lip and isn’t this fun?

tumblr_mpopr8kUpt1qhqecbo1_1280Joanna has various shades of crimson, from orange-red to blue-red and she proves that blondes can wear any shade.  The picture on the right is the one I have on my inspiration board, it reminds me to wear my stripes with my black jeans and my faux fur on cold winter days.

Enjoy the video!




Sam Heughan as Jaime Fraser – Outlander

Sam as Jamie Fraser OutlanderLadies, I’m normally not attracted to men that look like this, honest.  I happened to fall head-over-heels for his character on the show.  I admit the accent doesn’t hurt.  But in truth it’s his character, who wouldn’t fall for a strong and chivalrous man?

I’m going through Jaime Fraser withdrawals, I just hope he’s like Jaime in real life or I’ll be heartbroken.


If period romance is of interest, you’re going to want to watch Outlander, it’s on every Saturday at 9pm on  Starz.

I’m literally blush every time I look at this jpg, how about you?