City Girl in Red Lipstick, Athena Calderone, New York, Interior Designer, Founder of

Courtesy of Athena Calderone
Courtesy of Athena Calderone

I’m a huge Instagram follower and recently started following various food and lifestyle blogs.  Why? I’ve developed an obsession with food and interiors, especially posts from women that wear red lipstick as a signature hue.

I came across and instantly fell-in-love with not only the amazing photography/recipes, but with Athena Calderone.

Mac Ruby WooNow she’s not only talented, but she knows a great shade of crimson when she see’s one and graciously took time out of her busy schedule to share her favorites and give us a quote.

“I’ve always been a fan of a juxtaposed bold look.  A red lip adds that strong edge that I continually crave – guaranteed to make me feel polished and put together.” – Athena Calderone,  Founder of
b0aaf3e0-ef8b-46fe-b6b8-4d22ea72d09cAthena’s Favorite Hues: NARS Dragon girl, NARS Red Square and MAC Ruby Woo.
Athena looks gorgeous in crimson and she’s one Citygirl in Red Lipstick!

My Morning Reds

FullSizeRenderWell, how many of you travel with every single shade of crimson you own? I only travel with my two recent favorites but found myself this morning wanting a change. What did I do? I looked around for reds I just wasn’t wearing, because that happens once I find a shade that I can’t be separated from.

I picked up my Red lipstick pencil by Lipstick Queen and my Red Haute by Lancome, however I did reapply after lunch with my Red Red by Butter London.

What about you guys?

Caroline Issa on


I love Caroline Issa, I just wish I could go without wearing red on a day-to-day basis, but I’m just not that pretty naturally.  I need the crimson to perk me up.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I love her recent interview on and her newest red lipstick quote.

I’ll put on big chandelier earrings and a red lip, and that is how I can sort of cheat my way from day to night. – Caroline Issa,

For the interview:

Red Lipstick to Go out and Buy Now! Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick in Gladiolus

Gladiolus by Revlon
Gladiolus by Revlon

Okay, I know this is two posts in one day, but I’m sure you guys surf the net while working too.

I fell in love with this image of Emma Stone at the Sag Awards, doesn’t she look gorgeous? Not only is she pretty(talented) but she knows how to wear crimson.

This is one shade we can all run out and get, it’s affordable and could work on everyone.

What do you guys think?

Now the shades don’t look the same, but I’m going on the shade she’s wearing.

For the article

$7.99 Target

Red Lipstick to Consider – Legendary by SmashBox

Legendary by SmashBox
Legendary by SmashBox

I love, love reading articles that help guide women in their pursuit of finding their perfect shade of red.  I also love the fact that my rules to wearing red is my most popular blog post and get’s a lot of hits a day.

Anyway, I found another article and thought Legendary by SmashBox was a good contender for our red lipstick rotations, however it does work best with light olive skin.

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