Puckering Up




Do you ever wake up with dry-chapped lips?  I used to,  until I tried Homeoplasmine, a French beauty find that started off being balm for mom’s who breastfed their little ones.  Someone’s brain kicked in and realized it was good for the lips too.  Honestly, sometimes you think it’s not working, until you run out of it and then you know, you know?

Scrubbing dry lips is easy with Sugar Lip Polish fromfresh, it smells like candy, and another lip polish I love is Baume De Rose Lip Scrub by Terry and you guessed it, it smells like roses.  Although if you don’t feel like splurging on a lip scrub, you can always use your toothbrush to slough away  dead skin.

I tend to sport a crimson pout, but sometimes when I’m not wearing makeup, like lately I like using Baume De Rose Lip Care, it leaves a beautiful light pink on my lips, and I don’t wear lipgloss often, but if I did it would be you guessed it Baume De Rose.

Here’s to putting your best pout forward.

Reds in The Mist

I can’t help myself, I collect red lipstick like it’s going out of style.  For years I just bought any shade that looked pretty, until I realized that red was just my shade.  A lot of women shy away from the color, but ladies I am here to tell you that there is right shade for everyone and that a red lip is equivalent to a man’s red power tie, just look at the Queen, it’s said that she’s worn the same shade ofFamily_Reds red, made especailly for her by Clarins.

What does your red collection look like?

Here’s mine:

Raven by Hourglass

Julia by Kevin Aucoin

Red Carpet by Terry

Dior – 999

Crave by Hourglass

Ruby Red by Tom Ford

01 by YSL

and my Clarins lipbalm in 05.

Chanel – 265 Subversion

Here’s to crimson pouts!