CityGirl in Red Lipstick, New York City, Lola Burnstein-Rykiel, Wife, Writer, Founder of Le Chocolet Noir & Fashion Icon

I first discovered Lola surfing the world-wide web, falling instantly in-love with her words, I always looked forward to her articles on Harper’s Bazaar. Her stories  instantly transported me to another world, where friendships were made over love, fashion and cultural entertainment, my soul was nourished with inspiration and continues to be as I follow […]

Current Reds in My Life

Happy Christmas ladies, hope everyone is doing well.  I know, I’ve been MIA for awhile,but trust me I’ve been going through so many changes, that I can’t seem to keep up with my passion for accumulating new shades of crimson and talking about it. Do any of you recognize any of these? Recently, I went […]

Valentine’s Day Reds

Hello my darlings, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.  I haven’t, I think of you everyday, just when you’re busy learning a new job, we don’t have much time for creativity. I discovered a New shade of red, Wild Ginger by Tom Ford. The shade is more of an orange-red, but gorgeous all the same. […]