The Modern Rules of Wearing Red

Red Lipstick for generations has attracted admirers, it’s a come-hither hue that commands respect and get’s you noticed.

Red pouts have been favored by princesses, movie stars, prime ministers and stylish women all around-the-world.

The best red lipstick application will always be the Parisian way of wearing your favorite crimson,  with minimal makeup, but the rules have changed thanks to a sleuth of makeup artists that created innovative techniques that compliment a variety of skin tones.

1. There isn’t ONE perfect shade of red for every woman – There are so many gorgeous shades suitable for every skin tone. The objective is to try on as many as possible and look in the mirror, which shade makes you look brighter, fresher, more radiant.

2. Keep Your Options Open – Sometimes the texture of a red lipstick can be intimidating, there are many new formulations of red, there are glosses, stains, tints, glazes, matte, sheers and shimmers.

3. Change Things Up by switching your traditional black eyeliner for a white iridescent eye liner, this will create a more modern approach to wearing red.

4. Try a Nude Lip Pencil instead of a red lip pencil,this will make your cupids bow noticeable and you may get to skip the botox.

5. Wear a Smokey Eye – you can wear full-on makeup, it needs to be applied correctly and blended, my advice  is to visit your favorite counter and take a class, they are complimentary with any two item purchase.

6. Try colored Mascara like Purple, Grey or Green, this will add more depth and texture to your favorite red pout.

7. Go Ombre with your reds by using different shades of crimson, add lip gloss to create dimension.

My friend Michele Burke created an easy guide to help steer us in the right direction.

Michele’s Red Lipstick Tips

Warm skin tones:  Have greenish-blue veins and creamy-white teeth, they look best in Fire engine reds, watermelon, oranges and nectarines.  For pink reds I recommend coral, tangerine, peach or salmon.

Cool skin tones:  Have bluish veins and their teeth are usually blue/white or gray/white they can wear maroon, burgundy, fuchsia or raspberry reds, anything with a pink undertone.

Keeping Your Red Lipstick From Turning:

My friend Alphonse over at says that when looking for a lip color, place it on your pointing finger tip. Press thumb against the middle of finger to have the blood rush to the tip. This will mimic a shade closer to one’s natural lips. Also applying lip color on the back of your hand has a different base than natural lip color, that is why it looks different or why the color changes.

Everyone can wear red lipstick, it isn’t for the faint-of-heart but you can find tinted lip balms to get you started or try pink-reds before jumping into the world of crimson pouts.

Here’s to the New Modern Rules of Wearing RED!

*Short text extracts  or inspirations of the content found on this website and article may be reproduced elsewhere, on the condition that City Girl in Red Lipstick is properly credited as the source with a link to City Girl in Red



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