After using Skindulgence I saw an immediate difference, but I waited to blog about it until I used it a few times – I needed to make sure it wasn’t a one hit wonder.

I kept seeing improvements and I’m so excited – it’s a 30-minute non/surgical facelift without the procedure.  My only question was where was this amazing product before my photo shoot last week, better late than never.

Skindulgence is part of the Wellness Tradition, an exclusive product for NHT Global.  The Skindulgence 30-minute non/surgical facelift package is a three-step program:

1) Creamy Cleanser – prepares the skin to absorb the benefits of the mask

2) Masque – tightens and firms the skin – acting like a vacuum to remove impurities from the pores

3) Moisturizer – soothes the skin while preserving the effects of the mask

Skindulgence creates a more youthful, radiant appearance – helps diminish fine lines, wrinkles and improves the tone and elasticity of the skin.  My skin was clearer, cleaner and firmer, I was in love!

If you need a quick fix – start skindulgence a week before a big event, it’s a quick fix with long-term results!

The finest botanical extracts found in the world are used in Skindulgence – so go ahead and drench your skin, I know I am.

This non-surgical facelift gets a TEN!


For questions about Skindulgence: To purchase Skindulgence directly:

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