Getting Your Natural Glow

I’ve tried countless of self tanners and tanning moisturizers.  This is the first time a tinted moisturizer absorbed quickly, leaving my skin soft and moisturized.

Glow Lotion wasn’t messy and the scent was clean and fresh.  It was more like a treat for my skin than routine maintenance.

This amazing lotion is made by Nature’s Organics. It’s a two-in-one lotion that soothes the skin and leaves you looking like a bronzed Goddess all at once.  The shade deepens over a period of time giving you a healthy glow.

Key Ingredients:

1) Dihydroxyacetone – A natural ingredient made from sugar cane, that won’t wash off with soap, water or perspiration.

2) Seven natural moisture boosters – that keep the dryest skin hydrated and moisturized all day long.

3) Vitamin E, Apricot Kernal oil: Protects against the signs of aging.

The results are healthy skin that stays soft and silky all year-long. I was impressed because it didn’t wash off or stain my clothes.

I am loving my natural glow, I’m not orange and I look like I just came back from my summer vacation in Maui.

So go ahead and get your natural glow – Nature’s Organics glow lotion gets a TEN!


P.s Don’t forget to wash your hands with toothpaste afterwards!

*available in light and medium shades

In stores June 2010

*Nature’s Organics are paraben free, and cruelty free. Packaging for Nature’s Organics is recyclable and made with recycled materials whenever possible.


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