Gentle Exfolient Facial Scrub

I’ve been addicted to facial scrubs since I can remember.  I had to test PCA Skin gentle exfolient facial scrub after I heard how gentle and effective it was.

The beads were non abrasive and polished my skin leaving it smooth, clean and bright.  It was more like a milky, creamy cleanser then an exfolient. I wanted to use it everyday, it felt good and the results were radiant skin.

If used weekly you will achieve clear, bright and healthy skin.  It’s perfect for all skin types and gentle enough for problematic skin.

PCA Skin is serious skincare for people who are serious about their skin, and I’m serious about mine.

The Web Site has sections devoted to skin care education, and a glossary for terminology.

PCA Skin has a variety of skincare treatments that come in two categories, Daily Care Products and Professional Treatments. Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin.

PCA Skin Systems gets a TEN!

For a referral: 877-722-7546

or email:


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