~ Improving the appearance of Acne, Rosacea, Eczema and Hyperpigmentation ~


I’ve tested the WonderBar for the past two weeks, and my skin finally calmed down.  For the first time in a few months my skin is clear of acne and dryness.  It’s currently smooth, radiant and PH Balanced.

I abuse my skin by failing to follow directions, I’ll leave a mask on for longer then necessary or I’ll use Tazorac while I’m using glycollic treatments.

I don’t abuse products on purpose, I happen to try a product, love the instant results and get carried away.

I’m just so happy that after following a skincare system for the past two weeks my skin isn’t going crazy anymore.

The WonderBar is an All-in-One Skincare treatment, it’s a multi-tasker that behaves like a toner, cleanser, exfoliator and moisturizer all in one.

The Wonderbar heals the skin several layers beneath the surface, purging the skin of toxins and giving back its natural youthfulness.

The longer I use the Wonderbar, the more my skin stays healthy, hydrated and free of adult acne.

WonderBar is for all skin types, made with Organic Micro-Algae and Heilmoor Clay.

WonderBar gets a TEN!

$40 small bar

$105 Large bar

$140 Box of 4 small bars



Published by Anita Rivas

Founder, Writer& Editor of www.citygirlinredlipstick.com and www.mylifeinbeauty.com - you can also find me on www.examiner.com

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