For that pure wash of natural color: Lipstains by Maybelline

I’m obsessed with Lipstains, I’ve been testing affordable name brands for the past few weeks.

Lipstains by Maybelline are that perfect sheer wash of natural color, my lips felt fresh and their barely there feel were perfect for everyday.

Especially those hot days in Maui during my summer vacation.

I love the water based pigments, Lipstains by Maybelline for that gorgeous wash of natural color.

Lipstains by Maybelline get a TEN!


Available at Walgreens and Target.


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2 thoughts on “For that pure wash of natural color: Lipstains by Maybelline

  1. thanks for posting this anita; i’m always on the pry for affordable makeup! i’m wondering if it felt like it dried out with time {a pet peeve}? + what shade did you find was most flattering?

    1. I bought all four colors – what made me do it is that I’m looking for a more natural looking shade of red, it was a little drying but I fixed the problem by wearing a lip balm over them and that fixed the problem.
      I want my lip products to last after afternoon lunch!

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