Making my brown eyes gorgeous with Jane Iredale Eye Steppes

Courtesy of Jane Iredale

I normally don’t wear eyeshadow because I’m usually wearing red lipstick.  On the other hand I’m not very comfortable with eye makeup application.  It’s confusing to me, trying to figure out what colors work best and if I’m blending enough etc…

Jane Iredale makes it easy to get ready in the mornings, especially if we’re running late. She created three gorgeous eye makeup pallets – New Eye SteppesNow we can all have  gorgeous eyes!

 I love the pretty compacts filled with the perfect color combination for my brown eyes. Getting ready in the morning is tough enough without having to spend a lot of time in front of the makeup mirror.  Plus the compact filled with gorgeous color fits perfectly inside my makeup bag.

 Leave it to Jane Iredale to customize five beautiful shades of eye color, thank you Jane for taking the guess work out of eye makeup, and making it easier to get ready in the mornings.

New Eye Steppes by Jane Iredale get a TEN!


Available at Pure Beauty


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