The Youth Corridor – Q & A w/ Dr. Gerald Imber

Courtesy of Dr. Gerald Imber M.D.

Internationally renowned Plastic Surgeon Dr. Gerald Imber is the author of various scientific papers and several books dedicated to the pursuit of anti-aging surgery and the strategy of Prevention, Maintenance and Correction. Dr. Imber divides his time between a private clinic in Manhattan and being on staff at the prestigious Weill-Cornell Medical Center

I first heard of Dr. Imber flipping through the pages of my favorite beauty magazine, New Beauty. The article “Five Powerful Anti-Aging Ingredients” caught my attention. Dr. Imber’s Youth Corridor Anti-Aging Boost Serum was among them. There are 6 pieces in the Youth Corridor Collection, the Prevention, Maintenance and Correction strategy was designed to help achieve a youthful appearance well into adulthood.

In-between consultations and surgeries Dr. Imber graciously agreed to a phone interview, where we discussed his strategy for Prevention, Maintenance and Correction.

Anita: First I want to say, that speaking with you today Sir is an honor, thank you!

Dr.Imber: It’s my pleasure really.

Anita: I know you’re very busy, so I’m going to try and move these questions right along: What are some of the causes of Premature aging?

Dr.Imber: Standard things, sun exposure, cigar smoking, genetics, improper nutrition, hormonal challenges and changes that take place during menopause.

Anita: Why is it never too late to reverse back the signs of premature aging, or can it be too late?

Dr.Imber: That depends on what you consider a success, everyone can turn back the clock, if not a day – an hour, or a few minutes. We will never go back to square one, but it’s never too late to turn back the clock.

Anita: In your opinion what is age appropriate skincare?

Dr.Imber: First the use of Sunblock and Antioxidants are important.  Then it’s figuring out what the issues are and picking the right products to correct and treat the issues.

Anita: If someone is on a budget, what over-the-counter remedies do you recommend?

Dr.Imber: All Vitamin C serums work, and there are several that are inexpensive.  Sunblock and Moisturizer are two of the most affordable products available and accessible.

Anita: At what time during your career did you realize Cosmetic Surgery alone wasn’t the answer?

Dr.Imber: Must have been twenty years ago, I realized that the same procedure did not apply to every patient.  Someone who was 50/65 didn’t need the same operation, there had to be a way to personalize skincare.  It wasn’t until this last decade that product that actually worked was available.  Every six months or so my staff and I would go out and buy every piece of skincare that came out and we would test it on ourselves, this helped to figure out what products were out there and what was missing – that’s how I developed Youth Corridor – based on what was missing.

Anita: I use this word and think I know what it means, but after reading more in-depth I realize I’m not really sure – what is inflammation and what happens if it goes untreated?

Dr.Imber: It’s simple – Inflammation is when something irritates the skin and the skin turns red.  If the irritation causes an infection, then the infection causes scarring.  The other type of Inflammation is of the allergic kind – but it’s the infection that causes scarring, and scarring is damaging.

Anita: The question I’ve been dying to ask – have you treated celebrities? I understand if you’re not at liberty to discuss the subject.

Dr.Imber:  It’s not that, I  just feel embarrassed mentioning names, but what I can tell you is that I’ve treated many of the great names in the Music Industry, Movie Stars and members of the last Administration in Washington

Anita: Can bad plastic surgery be corrected, have you in your career ever had to fix bad plastic surgery?

Dr.Imber: Most often it can be corrected, but sometimes we can’t correct everything, and we end up feeling bad when that happens.  If the skin is cut to tight then there isn’t anything we can really do to fix the problem, we can correct bad surgery if it’s just not finished, but if it’s just not done well it’s that much harder to correct.  It’s best for someone contemplating surgery to do a lot of research before choosing a doctor.

Anita: Is there a plastic Surgeon in San Francisco that you recommend?

Dr.Imber: I can’t do that, but what I can tell you is that there are many good plastic surgeons in San Francisco.

Anita: At what age should a person start using preventative skincare?

Dr.Imber: When you’re in your twenties, once the acne is gone that’s when it’s time for preventative treatment.

Anita: Tell us about Youth Corridor – I was under the impression like most Americans that melatonin was a vitamin that helped induce sleep – how did Youth Corridor come about?

Dr.Imber: I researched and read everything there was to know about skincare.  If you go out in the sun without sunscreen you turn red, which develops inflammation. If you wear sunblock you don’t turn as red, but if you use Vitamin C or E you are less red – but when you mix Vitamin C,  E and melatonin you don’t turn red – which prevents inflammation. The combination of Vitamin C, E and melatonin helps promote cellular health and life.

Anita: Can any of the 6 products in Youth Corridor work alone or is it more benificial that they work together?

Dr.Imber: They all work well alone, the only piece that is necessary is the Antioxidant Boost Serum – the other pieces are good, but there are so many other great products out in the market that are equally as good.

Anita: I’ve been using the Antioxidant Boost Serum, and I’m in awe because I saw a huge difference overnight – literally.  I’ve always looked younger, but I can see a huge difference in my skin texture, tone and clarity.

Dr.Imber: Good for you! I’m very happy to hear that, it’s really a remarkable product.

Anita: Okay – getting ready to wrap things up, what vitamins should women be taking?

Dr.Imber: Vitamin D is the only vitamin that has been scientifically proven to work, the rest are just empty opinions.

Anita: Thank you Dr. Imber for your time, I’ve learned a lot during our conversation.  I’m going to finish reading your book ” The New Youth Corridor – a Guide to Timeless Beauty”.



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