Beauty Profile w/ Veronica of Malibu

Courtesy of Veronica of Malibu
Veronica Barton Swartz began her career as an Esthetician, before opening her Skin & Body Care Center in 1981.  Like most teenagers Veronica suffered from problematic skin, and through her experience became passionate about skincare.  Veronica Skin & Body Care Center focuses on clinical skincare , exercise and advanced technologies with unparalleled service and proven results.
Veronica added a Day Spa where Yoga and Tai Chi classes are offered.  She is recognized as an authority in field of skincare and overall wellness.  If you’re ever walking through the lobby don’t be surprised if you run into Jeremy Piven or Tea Leoni – they are just a few of her celebrity clients.  Veronica of  Malibu is an institution, a safe haven for those with problematic skin and for those that want to learn the secrets of aging gracefully.
I first came across Veronica of Malibu flipping through the pages of my favorite beauty magazine, New Beauty.  Since then I have developed a friendship with her, and she graciously agreed to answer a few beauty questions.
Anita: What are your top five favorite beauty products and why?
Veronica: 1. Peptides – they are the fountain of youth! The Veronica Seaweed Peptides contain advanced technology for reducing deep lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity and transforms skin texture to appear more smooth and youthful looking.
2. Antioxidant Cream – This cream is a powerful antioxidant that promotes healthy cell function, boosts the skin’s radiance and minimizes enlarged pores and surface imperfections. 3. Retin A – is a very effective medication used to treat acne and wrinkles. 4. Sunscreens/Hats – Sunscreens absorb or reflect some of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation on the skin.  A hat is a must in full sun for protection.  5. Exfoliants– they remove dead cells from the surface and help keep your skin healthier.
Anita: I love receiving this skincare tutorial, I hope our readers pay attention and follow your advice! Next question – What are your favorite non- brand beauty products and why?
Veronica: Plain yogurt can moisturize and firm your skin, honey cleanses, gently exfoliates and moisturizes the skin.  Milk in a warm bath moisturizes your skin and feels wonderful.
Anita: What is your favorite shade of Red Lipstick?
Veronica: Poppy by Chantecaille, it’s paraben-free.
Anita: I used to wear Tulip by Chantecaille, love their lipsticks – they are so long-lasting.  Okay – if you only had five minutes to get ready in the mornings what beauty products would you use?
Veronica: My peptides, Antioxidant cream, Sunscreen, Tea Rose Lip Treatment, Jane Iredale blush and my favorite hat!  I don’t need mascara anymore because of Latisse!
Anita: Last minute pearls of wisdom?
Veronica: I believe anyone can have healthy glowing skin at any age.  Good skincare is a lifestyle that incorporates eating well, sleep, exercise and good skincare.  Many of my clients are eager to defy aging without surgery by using the best products, services and treatments available.  My commitment is to give them the best education and services in Health& Beauty.
Anita: Thank you so much for this conversation, and thank you for reinforcing all this knowledge with me and our readers.  I look forward to our future conversations.
Veronica Skin & Body Care Center
24955 Pacific Coast Hwy # B101
Malibu, CA 90265-4748
(310) 456-8883

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