Getting the Pretty back this Holiday Season w/ Cargo Cosmetics

Courtesy of Cargo Cosmetics

This holiday season I’m obsessed with Cargo Cosmetics.  I’ve never been one for makeup palettes, all the colors seemed like colors no one wanted wrapped  together in gorgeous packaging. 

Cargo’s Contour Palette has me hooked on instant pretty.  The pigments are moist, blendable and natural-looking.  I love that the packaging and exterior of the luxurious case have instructions, a colors by numbers system that once the blush, highlighter and bronzer are applied looks like anything but. 

I followed directions and loved the effect.  My natural features were enhanced, not hidden with excessive makeup. I contoured, highlighted and I was instantly pretty!
This must-have contour palette comes in two amazing trios:
1. Malibu – for the ethereal beauty
2. Monaco – for the bronzed goddess
Isn’t it time you got the pretty back?
Contour Palette by Cargo Cosmetics gets a TEN!
Available at Macy’s

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