Holiday gift ideas: Juliette Has a Gun


Courtesy of Juliette has a gun
This is another of my current favorite fragrances, I love the easy roller application, and shape of the sleek sexy bullet.  I apply it literally all over, my neck, shoulders etc…and inhale in the delicious aroma. How many times can a girl fall in love?
Juliette Has a Gun is available in 3 different scents:
1. Lady Vengeance – a rich and sophisticated scent, for that positive and self-assured female.  The mixture is of Patchouli and Vanilla, and one of my favorites the Bulgarian Rose.
2. Miss Charming – the fragrance of a Virgin Witch, docile and provocative – Moroccan Rose, Musks and Wild Fruits for that hint of innocence.
3. Citizen Queen – a leathery chypre, at the crossroads of modern and classic perfumery.
*With Juliette Has a Gun you just aim it at your pulse points and stop men dead in their tracks! *
Created by Romano Ricci, the great-grandson of Nina Ricci – a new and distinctive collection, elegant and unconventional for the modern woman.
Juliette Has a Gun by Romano Ricci gets a TEN!
Available at or

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