Refining problematic skin w/ beingTrue

Courtesy of beingTrue

With age and teenage acne comes the desire to minimize our pores.  Oily skin causes the need to use skincare products that help eliminate shine.  There is a solution that won’t break the bank. 

beingTrue’s essential pore and complexion refiner – I’ve been using this magical potion faithfully and noticed that my pores were minimized and my t-zone lost its shine.

Essential Pore and complexion Refiner is the path to clearer, brighter, resurfaced skin.  Enriched with a multi-active formula that delivers a combination of lactic, salicylic acids, vitamins and retinol.  Your skin will absorb this magical potion leaving behind a smooth, matte finish. 

This is great for problematic and mature skin – shouldn’t you be on the path to clear and healthy skin?

Essential Pore and Complexion Refiner by beingTrue gets a TEN!


Spa Radiance

3011 Fillmore Street

San Francisco, Ca 94123



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