Kiss Proof Red by Maybelline

Courtesy of Google Images
Obsession is not the word, I’m over obsessed with Maybelline’s NEW SuperStay 24 hour color – the Reds are gorgeous and the long-wearing color lasts all day, even after morning coffee and afternoon lunch!
I’m so obsessed that I went back to Walgreens on three different occasions to finish collecting these magnificent Reds.
SuperStay 24 hour 2 step color by Maybelline is available in the following shades of  glorious Red:
1.) Keep up the Flame –  Classic Red
2.) Ever Lasting Wine –  Burgundy Red
3.) Reliable Raspberry – Pink Red
4.) Endless Ruby – True Red
5.) Keep it Red – Pink Red
6.) All Day Cherry – Sheer bright Red
The texture was not drying and I didn’t have to reapply throughout the day – SuperStay 24 2-step color is Citygirl approved!
Tip: Apply lip moisturizer before and after color!

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