Muse by beingTrue

Courtesy of beingTrue
A dear friend of mine created this beautiful color – it’s no surprise beingtrue cosmetics pioneered the way to coin a  term we associate with makeup today – double duty beauty. 
Muse by beingTrue was inspired by the desire to create the perfect shade of Red – a shade that is Perfectly neutral / balanced between a blue/red and orange-red. Deeper in tone (added a touch of black pigment to cut brightness), rich in texture and delivers full coverage.
Created for women with brunette to raven locks or medium to deep skin tones. This can be worn by any skin-tone from a cool to warm undertone.
The formula is formulated with a protective cocktail of antioxidant rich Vitamin E, Japanese Green & White Teas.  Sunflower seed oil helps to seal the lipid barrier hydrating the lips. Lotus 
Flower extract is used for its soothing benefits and an exotic orchide extract for its healing / nourishing benefits.
I’m especially proud of this lipstick shade, not because I receive compliments every time I wear it, but because my dear friend Alphonse inspired Muse and inspires me to stay True.
Muse by beingTrue is double duty beauty and is Citygirl approved!

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