The Perfect Universal RED – ELLIS FAAS RED

The perfect universal red, ELLIS FAAS Red can be worn as a stain or layered on for a more intense dramatic effect.

I’ve been applying this gorgeous deep red that becomes any shade of red I want it to be, from sheer to intense.

You’re going to love the sleek bullet casing that houses the gorgeous colour, the brush tip applicator makes for an easy application gliding on the lips, for a flawless finish.

All Ellis Faas colours are universal and rich, they embody the hues and tones that are part of our skin.  This explains why Ellis Faas Red works with all skin tones and complexions, it’s the one shade of red that everyone can wear.

ELLIS FAAS RED is a Citygirl Red!


Space NK @ Bloomingdale’s

845 Market Street

San Francisco, CA

415-856-5454 or @EllisFaas


Published by Anita Rivas

Founder, Writer& Editor of and - you can also find me on

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Universal RED – ELLIS FAAS RED

  1. I love this lipstick! It is one of my favorites. I have all three Ellis Reds, and I like the L201 (Milky Lips) best because it flatters my skin tone the most. I also love your blog, as I am another huge fan of red lipstick. I occasionally try for the MLLB shades, but I rarely wear them, and I do NOT get the nude lip look at all. Give me contrast in reds and deep roses!

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