HAPPY BIRTHDAY: Napoleon, Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lawrence & Me

Marko_Stojanovic,_Jeff_Koons_-_Cake,_2007_(Art_Food_-_Eat_ArWhat do I have in common with Napoleon, Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lawrence? We share the same birthday.

I also took drama classes and writing classes, alas I didn’t pursue either of them as actively as I could have. Not that I would be famous if I had, of course.

Large Vase with Flowers - Jeff Koons
Large Vase with Flowers – Jeff Koons

I’ve indulged a bit this week, with it being my birthday week.

Come Monday I will be back to eating as healthy as I can.  I also want to say happy birthday to my cousin JR and to an old high-school friend Ramon L.

Happy Birthday!

P.s I love Jeff Koons & Cake