Keeping Your Skin Blemish Free

I love this purifying facial mask.  I loved the smell, the texture and I especially loved how it left my skin clean.  This is a great mask if you suffer from acne, or just want to add a purifying mask to your skincare regimen.

Gyltone Deep Cleansing Mask is a soothing facial mask that has 3% glycolic acid, mixed with natural clays that help absorb excess oil and helps maintain clear skin.

Purges Clogged Pores

Removes Blackheads

Absorbs Excess Oils

Softens and Smooths the Skin

I used this mask as a spot treatment, my problem areas are around my chin and T-Zone. This mask is also great for teenagers and men too!  Glytone has a variety of skincare products for all skin types.

Glytone Deep Cleansing Mask gets a TEN!


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