New blemishes no more* w/ Dr. Brandt

Courtesy of Dr. Brandt Skincare
I’m like most women, I tend to experience acne during that time of the month.  I mask and cleanse  and still it’s not enough to prevent the acne breakouts around my jaw line and chin.
I’m vain and now that I write a beauty blog am under pressure to have great skin.  What products do I use?  I incorporate Dr. Brandt into my skincare routine.
Recently I’ve been using New blemishes no more cleansing pads by Dr. Brandt and they have made a huge difference in my acne prevention! 
The cleansing pads are not harsh or abrasive, and they leave my skin clean!  I admit I’m lazy and don’t always use toner – the cleansing pads are formulated with Dr. Brandt’s technologically advanced blemish fighting complex – Active Impurity Shield.  The pads absorbed and regulated my excess sebum, without drying out my skin! 
I experienced a reduction in acne breakouts – and my skin was left clean, clear and PH Balanced. Dr. Brandt for  healthy skin, isn’t it time you brought the Doctor home with you?
New Pores no more cleansing pads by Dr. Brandt gets a TEN!
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New Pores no More* Vacuum Cleaner by Dr. Brandt

Courtesy of Dr. Brandt

Dr. Fredric Brandt added to his Pores No More* Skincare collection with a unique blackhead and oil extractor.  This innovative vacuum cleaner helps achieve clear and radiant skin with its high performance of alpha and beta hydroxy acids.

After several weeks of use I noticed that my pores were minimized and my skin looked fresh, clear and radiant.  I don’t always have time for a professional facial, I like taking the doctor home with me.

Some Key Ingredients:

1. Silicone Dioxide – Helps with the removal of dirt, excess oil and sebum.

2. Salicylic & Glycollic Acid – Loosens Blackheads, unclog pores and exfoliates.

3. Eijitsu Rose – Tightens and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Shouldn’t you be taking the doctor home with you?

New Pores no More* Vacuum Cleaner gets a TEN!


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Delivering the results of a Professional Peel – Taking the Doctor Home with you

The economy being what it is, I can’t always get a professional peel.  I love Dr.Brandt skincare products because it’s just like taking the doctor home with me.

As soon as I applied the product I could feel it working its magic.  I saw the results, my skin was smoother, clearer and radiant.  I love being able  to see the difference,  even after my famous Maui tan.

New Dr. Brandt Laser a-Peel immediately exfoliated and resurfaced my skin.  As I’ve been getting older my skincare concerns have turned to skin resurfacing, I love using products that aid in cell turnover and collagen production.

After weeks of using Laser a-Peel by Dr. Brandt my skin was firmer and my pores were tighter revealing glowing healthy  skin.  The anti-inflammatory and soothing agents were a plus, my skin was noticeably less red and irritated.  My tiny laugh lines and wrinkles were minimized.

So go ahead and get 20 times the anti-oxidant power of Vitamin C with New Laser a-Peel by Dr. Brandt.

isn’t it time you took the Doctor home with you?

Laser a-Peel gets a TEN!

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Exfoliating Facial Cream

I couldn’t wait to get Dr.Brandt’s microdermabrasion cream into my little hands, lately my skin care concerns have turned to skin resurfacing.  I have to admit I haven’t been on top of my beauty regime – repairing the damage I caused was becoming an obsession.

Microdermabrasion cream smoothed my fine lines and wrinkles instantly, revealing a more radiant and youthful appearance.  I was impressed, the overall texture of my complexion improved, it was like having an office microdermabrasion at home.

The beauty of the product is that it’s for all skin types, and  delivers it’s promise of polishing away dead skin cells, restoring a more natural glowing complexion.  I also loved the texture and smell, it reminded me of fresh-cut lemons.

Dr.Brandt designed and innovative collection of skin care products that offer high-performance, targeted treatments, no more doctor visits or prescriptions.  Take the doctor home with you!

Key Ingredients:

1) Pharmaceutical Grade Crystal – Exfoliate without scratching or irritating, improving skin’s texture.

2) Lactic Acid – Softens texture, improves firmness and radiance, regenerates skin cells.

3) Jojoba & Aloe – Sooths and softens

4) Chamomile – Heals and Calms

5) Green Tea – Anti inflammatory properties, protects skin against environmental aggressors.

I don’t know about you – but I’m taking the doctor home with me ~

Microdermabrasion Cream gets a TEN!


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