New blemishes no more* w/ Dr. Brandt

  I’m like most women, I tend to experience acne during that time of the month.  I mask and cleanse  and still it’s not enough to prevent the acne breakouts around my jaw line and chin.   I’m vain and now that I write a beauty blog am under pressure to have great skin.  What productsContinue reading “New blemishes no more* w/ Dr. Brandt”

New Pores no More* Vacuum Cleaner by Dr. Brandt

Dr. Fredric Brandt added to his Pores No More* Skincare collection with a unique blackhead and oil extractor.  This innovative vacuum cleaner helps achieve clear and radiant skin with its high performance of alpha and beta hydroxy acids. After several weeks of use I noticed that my pores were minimized and my skin looked fresh, clear and radiant. Continue reading “New Pores no More* Vacuum Cleaner by Dr. Brandt”

Delivering the results of a Professional Peel – Taking the Doctor Home with you

The economy being what it is, I can’t always get a professional peel.  I love Dr.Brandt skincare products because it’s just like taking the doctor home with me. As soon as I applied the product I could feel it working its magic.  I saw the results, my skin was smoother, clearer and radiant.  I love being ableContinue reading “Delivering the results of a Professional Peel – Taking the Doctor Home with you”


  I couldn’t wait to get Dr.Brandt’s microdermabrasion cream into my little hands, lately my skin care concerns have turned to skin resurfacing.  I have to admit I haven’t been on top of my beauty regime – repairing the damage I caused was becoming an obsession. Microdermabrasion cream smoothed my fine lines and wrinkles instantly, revealingContinue reading “Microdermabrasion”