~ Natural Ingredients for Clean, Soft and Smooth Skin ~



I love Freeman Beauty products, one because they work and two because they are affordable.  I also like to try different beauty products.  I like the idea of having a selection of different masks to choose from, I’m a true beauty junkie.  

Facial Enzyme Mask gently exfoliates and restores radiant skin.  I could feel the AHAs working to remove dead surface skin.  My skin was left lightly moisturized, soft and supple.  I swear I look younger!  

Freeman Beauty is available in supermarkets but you can get great deals online.  



~ Clarifying & Renewing Your Skin ~

Facial Peel off Mask by Freeman

I love nothing better than finding a beauty bargain, and I’m always happy with Freeman beauty products.

It’s true that I’m guilty of sometimes abusing product, but with Freeman masks I never run the risk of abusing my skin.

I’ve tested the Peel-Off cucumber mask and it did the job it claimed it would do.

My skin was clarified and renewed, I was thrilled that such an affordable product can be great for your skin.

Cucumber Peel-Off Mask by Freeman Beauty gets a TEN!


If you shop online, you will find great deals!