~ Treating Oily, Blemish-Prone Skin ~

Glytone Acne Gel

I’ve applied Glyone Acne Gel nightly for the past week, I’m trying to treat my New blemishes without picking at my skin, often causing regret and hyperpigmintation.

I made a vow to leave my skin alone and visit my dermatologist if things got out of control.  So far so good!

Glytone Acne Gel is a benzoyl peroxide treatment that fights acne bacteria and excess oil, it helps keep skin blemish free.  It aides in the exfoliation process, and neutralizes the bacteria that causes acne.

After a week of treating my skin with Glytone Acne Gel my blemishes are almost gone!

Glytone Acne Gel gets a TEN!




* Glytone makes various skincare treatments for all skin types.