Restoring the Decollete with Pevonia Botanica

Pevonia Botanica’s restore neck and bust cream absorbed easily into my skin, over a period of 3 to 4 weeks I was able to see improvement in the firmness of my bust, decollete and neck.

One of my main concerns was that this amazing bust cream would leave a sticky residue on my hands, not a chance, the cream absorbed everywhere leaving behind smooth and soft skin.

The key ingredients are Kigelia Africana, Elastin, Vitamin E – they help promote skin texture and help reduce the signs of premature aging.

Pevonia Botanica Restore Neck and Bust Cream gets a TEN!


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~ For Healthy Hyperpigmentation Skin ~

Lightening Gel by Pevonia Botanica absorbed easily into my skin, revealing a brighter and more youthful complexion.

The use of this product is recommended for night-time but it can be used during the day, over moisturizer and under your foundation.

This product is for healthy hyperpigmentation skin, it minimizes sun and environmental damage.

It helps correct skin irregularities and all types of discoloration.

It’s no secret I suffer from hyperpigmentation, if you’re looking for an easy to apply treatment, I recommend Lightening Gel by Pevonia Botanica.

Lightening Gel by Pevonia Botanica gets a TEN!


Three Easy Steps to Calming Rosacea

Pevonia Botanica

My sister Rosemary has been plagued with a severe case of Rosacea.  She’s tried pretty much everything and has wasted a lot of money on skincare products that weren’t right for her skincare needs.

Lately she’s been using Pevonia Botanica and her skin has never looked better.  Her skin was left moisturized and hydrated. The cleanser was not abrasive but soothing and her skin felt calmer, nourished and comfortable.

The redness she experienced was less pronounced and we couldn’t be happier with the results of finding the right skincare solution for her needs.

Pevonia Botanica sells a variety of affordable skincare kits that are ideal for trying new products or taking your favorite products with you out on the road.

Pevonia Botanica are natural paraben-free products with organic extracts – they’re effective skincare products for men, women and teens alike.

My sister tried the Your Skincare Solution kit in Rosacea Skin.

The kit contains:

RS2 Gentle Cleanser, RS2 Gentle Lotion, RS2 Care Cream

These products help the skin by cleansing, cooling, diffusing redness, decongesting, repairing and relieving the skin of blotchiness.

It’s a skincare solution for hypersensitive skin, it helps with dilated capillaries and pustules.  The most important thing is that Pevonia Botanica is affordable quality skincare.  I’m impressed!

Pevonia Botanica has an amazing interactive Web site with a skincare and beauty advice section, I spent hours on it soaking up beneficial information.  I’m learning a lot about my skin, shouldn’t you be learning about yours?

Pevonia Botanica gets a TEN!